Jojo Siwa Watch For Girls

It is said that happy time does not count. Children are usually happy and yet they like to have watches. I know for myself how in school times, having a cool watch was something cool. Today, most children have smartphons, which means they have built-in watches. However, it does not apply to every child, and even those who have telephones also use traditional watches. With adults, it is similar. In the last post we changed the slime kit, but there were not many products from Jojo Siwa, this time all products will be marked with its pseudonym.

JoJo Siwa Watch with Rhinestones & Ribbed Band

jojo siwa watch

We traditionally start the most popular product. This time it fell on the watch which is a very attractive price. It’s not the price that matters, let’s take a look at what the model offers.
The strap is made of solid plastic with a pink color. The clasp and clock face are metallic. It is an analog watch with a frame decorated with beads. The digits are mostly well legible. The size of the tips is also suitable. The background of the shield is a picture of Jojo Siwa with the words “super cute Jojo gray”. The whole makes a really good impression and seems to be a good gift. Buyers’ ratings seem to confirm this.

JoJo Siwa Pink Analog Watch with Charms

jojo watch


The next offer is more expensive, but it is more decorative. The watch has only two ratings, extremely different from each other, so you can not base on them. The watch is received in a decorative box. Unlike the previous model, here the strap is not made of plastic. For us it is neither a minus nor a plus, we simply inform. Two pendants are attached to the watch, one in the shape of a heart and the other bows. In addition, there is a large pink bow under the dial of the clock and it is the biggest distinguishing feature. What we think is negative is the transparency of the watch. Only 3 digits are marked.

The others were marked with beads. The photo of Jojo seems to be slightly blurred. Readability is not improved by the glitter used. However, if you reject these cons, it is certainly the most decorative watch from Jojo Siwa in our ranking.

Jojo Siwa Projection Watch Kids Fashion


Two analog watches appeared in the list, time for electronic. Unfortunately, the product does not have an opinion at the time of writing the post. It is a watch made entirely of plastic and rubber, excluding the display. In our opinion, it will appeal to younger girls rather. Like the previous two it is in pink. Picture of Jojo Siwy appears here twice, on the bar itself and in the vicinity of the display. Just for the display itself, it is a small part of the whole, but the numbers are clearly visible.

The standard price makes it a watch worth considering.
As a second digital watch, we chose a completely different style. Let’s start with a belt that is richly decorated. On the clock face there is a photo of Jojo with a display. It is very similar in size to those from the previous watch. The whole also gives the impression intended for younger audiences.

Jojo Siwa Kids’ Analog Watch

Time to return to watches with lots of ratings. The number of 122 people evaluating the product makes it worth to be interested in it. The watch strap is freely adjustable and comfortable. As it is a brand product, you can sleep peacefully when it comes to safety was made of proven materials. The watch has a backlight. On the clock face is Jojo Siwa. The readability of the watch is very high due to large numbers and wide tips. The whole was packed in a nice decorative box.

Watch with Plastic Strap

Watch with Plastic Strap
The next suggestion is a watch with a thick multi-colored strap. Like the previous one it contains exactly the same size of the LCD display. For this watch, you should read the opinions of buyers because these are average.

Jojo Siwa Interactive Smart Watch

Until recently, it seemed that nothing new would appear on the watch market. However, after the continuous reduction of computers managed to create the so-called Smart Watch. It’s hard to talk about a watch here, because in fact it is the least important function in this case. Each manufacturer offers its own solutions, such as the ability to receive emails or measuring heart rate. The cheaper technology has made such solutions even found in children’s watches, an excellent example of which is the Jojo Siwa Smart watch. The most important information about its construction are:

• Case: Plastic, 12mm Thick, 40mm width, length 8.5 ”
• Strap: Pink Silicone Strap with a standard closure
• Strap Length: 55mm

Definitely more interesting are its possibilities, among which there is the possibility of video recording, playing games, using a pedometer, calculator, the ability to change wallpapers to 5 analog or 5 digital. The watch charges normally like a phone, it doesn’t need any external Wi-Fi connection.

JoJo Siwa Sequin Strap Flashing Dial Watch (Pink)

JoJo Siwa Dial Watch

Another alternative is a pink watch with a small number of hourly hours. Although the map is small, the time is clearly visible. LCD display provides sufficient quality for trouble-free hour reading. The watch has a wide strap, the length is regulated by a clip. In itself, it is quite richly decorated.

JoJo Siwa Analog Watch with Metal Face

JoJo Siwa Analog Watch

The second-last of the presented watches completely changes the rules of the game, thanks to its appearance. Strongly shiny in bright pink is visible from a distance. The clock face, unlike earlier watches, is black, of course with a photo of Jojo. The tips are clearly visible though narrow. This is the perfect model for any girl wanting to stand out. Attractive price depend on whether it will go on promotion.

Rubber Casual Watch

At the end, we left something that did not match the previously discussed watches. It has neither directions nor a display, but is it for sure? The whole is very specific, does not have a clearly separated clock face, if not for rounding it would be difficult to say that it is a watch. The whole is pink, decorated with hearts, bows and a photo of Jojo Siwa. The most important is how the hour is displayed. This is best described in the video on product site.

The watch has many positive reviews and is at a very nice price. If you think that the way of displaying the hour will not disturb your child, it is necessary to provide them with this watch.

As you can see, amazon offers a lot of interesting products, from having practical but giving children fun as slime kit to those that are applicable in everyday life while giving fun 😊

How to choose a smartwatch for a child?

The article found a place for Smart watches, admittedly there are not many of them with Jojo Siwa, but maybe it is worth considering buying another one, e.g. in ponies? The only thing left is what to look for mainly when buying such a watch. There are a few things to consider before buying:

Battery capacity – Smart watch has the feature that unlike traditional watches it does not work on replaceable batteries. This design is similar to a telephone and unfortunately requires charging. The higher the battery capacity, the longer your child will be able to use it without charging. The batteries usually last for a day or two and you have to remember to charge at night. This is a kind of nuisance.
Water resistance – We know how it is with children, often a moment of inattention can end up with broken equipment. When choosing a smart watch, it’s worth paying attention to its water resistance.
Display – Another aspect is a good and strengthened display. In the case of children and their high activity, it is easy to damage the screen, so it should be strengthened.
Appearance – The above information is important from the parent’s point of view, but for a child appearance will be most important. In the case of the watch from Jojo, this is not a problem, because you buy it for a child who likes this artist. For other watches, you need to match the look to your child’s interests.

A smart watch is the perfect gift for both younger and older children.

The first watch for a child

Nowadays, children are able to read the time from an analog watch much later, it happens that they have this skill only at the age of eleven. One day this would be unthinkable, but smartphones have completely changed our world, even in such trivial matters. Today, the child checks the time on the phone, which results in the inability to read the time from the hands. Recognition of hours can be taught from the age of three. Various board games or newspapers are used for this. However, the most effective teaching will be when the child is able to add, subtract and learn exactly Arabic numbers. In the case of watches with an analog dial for the youngest, it is definitely worth buying a watch with just Arabic numbers and large hands. For older children, you can safely buy watches with Roman numbers or some other symbols.

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