Jojo Siwa Socks

Socks are one of the less visible items of clothing, unless they are tall. As an adult, he doesn’t pay much attention to socks, they have to be of a specific color and pair (although I know people who walk in two different ones). However, almost everything matters for children. Socks with your favorite characters can be an interesting and practical gift. We decided to check what amazon has to offer in terms of Jojo Siwa socks. Virtually always there are sets, at least two pairs, there are not many, but enough to find something suitable.

Jojo Siwa Socks 2 pack

Jojo Siwa Socks
These socks can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. The first pair is purple with pink inserts on the toes, heel and at the very top. The main motif are Jojo Siwa bows. The second pair is slightly less practical and more decorative. All thanks to really large purple bows attached to each sock. There are also small silver sequins on the socks. The socks are all pink, there are two shades on them, the less intense one is on the heels, toes and upper welts.

Jojo Siwa Big Girl’s 2 Pack Knee High, pink bow, Fits Sock

Jojo Siwa Fits Sock
The next set is at exactly the same price and also consists of two long pairs of socks. The first is light green socks decorated with pink hearts pattern. The second one is a pair of socks with horizontal red stripes and blue elements. The largest graphic element is ice with a bow at 1/3 of the height of the sock. Since we are already with the bows, just like the previous proposal, so are the bows. They seem to be slightly smaller, have silver sequins and are red in color. The same materials were made for their production, i.e. 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This solution ensures proper extension and comfort.

Jojo Siwa Girls Slipper Socks

Jojo Siwa Girls Slipper Socks
When it comes to high socks, that would be enough. Sleeping socks occupy the third position in the ranking. For some socks for other slippers, it does not matter much. Soft and warm, perfect for colder nights or for walking around the house. Made of polyester, they are machine washable. Two models are available that differ from each other in the color of the bow hooked over the fingers. It can be pink or white. The socks are black on the outside and white on the inside. Available sizes:

• S/M – Fits Shoe Size 8-13
• M/L – fits shoe size 13-4

Jojo Siwa 5 Pack Girls Socks size 9-11

Jojo Siwa Socks
A set of 5 pairs of socks of the same size and very similar appearance. Each pair has a bow, black or red, and a pattern with dots or stars. The main differences are the main colors, which are: White, Ash Gray, Fuschia, Black & Pink. The size of the socks is 9-11. If you are looking for socks from Jojo Siwa for warm days, this is an interesting proposition.

Fits Sock Size 6-8.5 fits Shoe Size 7.5-3.5

Fits Sock
The next set of five socks is slightly more varied. There are 2 pairs of light (almost white) and dark socks and one pink pair. Jojo siwa themed socks have the following sizes:

• Sock size 5-6.5; fits shoe size 4-7.5
• Sock size 6-8.5; fits shoe size 7.5-3.5

Jojo Siwa Big Girl’s 5 Pack No Show Socks

For some reason the manufacturer decided that the perfect set consists of 5 pairs, because this also has so many pairs of socks. Each pair is different and after three of them it is hard to say that they are Jojo Siwa, because they have stars. Three pairs are light, two dark.

• Fits sock size 6-8.5; fits shoe size 7.5-3.5
• Fits sock size 9-11; fits shoe size 4-10.5

Jojo Siwa Big Nickelodeon Girls 5 Pack, Assorted Shorty

Jojo Siwa pack socks
The last of the presented sets of socks is really very connected with Jojo, on one of the pairs there is even a picture of her. If your child loves Jojo, these socks seem to be the most interesting proposition, thanks to prints. Socks are colorful and very girlish, they will appeal to younger girls.

As usual, we found something on Amazon that will be the perfect gift for Jojo Siwa fans. As it should be emphasized, it is a practical gift, which is probably the best possible. If you are interested in more blog entries about Jojo Siwa’s clothing, please click here: Jojo Siwa clothes.

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