Jojo Siwa Slime Kit

The times of carefree childhood passed almost unnoticed. The vast majority of us remember them with sentiment. The constant fun in the yard and at home made the days pass quickly, maybe not like today when the work consumes a lot of time, but still. In order not to hear the word boredom, parents bought us various toys, from classic dolls to a bit stranger, which was easy to get dirty. Today we will talk about the latter. So get ready for the parent’s cleaning, but also the great joy of the child!

Unicorn Slime Kit

Unicorn Slime Kit

Slime kit is a kind of toy that will appeal to both girl and boys. Important remark today’s products will be thematically similar to Jojo Siwa, however, most will not be associated with it.
We start with a very rich set, which suggests that it can be used to perform over 100 mucus combinations. Looking at the amount of additives is the most possible. In the set we get:
• Glue
• Dasio style clay
• Floam beads
• Pigments
• Flake glitter and snow powder
• Borax
• Scents
• Cutting and mixing tools
• Helpful containers to keep your slime fresh.

This allows you to create many colorful combinations. Let us note in this place that it is a product dedicated to children older than 7 years.

Slime Factory

Slime Factory

The second set offers a slightly different approach to the topic. It contains a shaker so that the whole mucus production process comes down to pouring the right ingredients and mixing them. The product contains 180 reviews, of which 70% is maximum. This makes it worth to be interested in it.

JoJo Siwa DIY Slime Kit

jojo siwa slime kit

It’s not right for us not to mention slime kit with Jojo Siwa. The problem is that the grades are very mixed. Which results in an average rating of 3 stars. The set itself does not contain any over-average solutions. For a child, however, it can have a lot that, unlike the two previous ones, it is the official slime kit by JoJo Siwa. The girl is visible on the box. In addition, the kit includes a bow-shaped mold. Undoubtedly, this is the selection that is closest to the expectations of any child who likes Jojo Siwa

Slime Supplies KitSlime Supplies Kit

An interesting proposition is the huge slime kit which gives great possibilities. It consists of:

  • 18 Pack Large Glitters
  • 6 Pack Small Glitters
  • Large 1 Pack Colorful Foam Beads
  • Small 1 Pack Colorful Foam Beads
  • Single Color
  • 6 Pack of Foam Beads
  • 5 Pack of Galaxy
  • Pieces of Tools Set
  • 10 Piece of Little Eyes
  • 10 Piece of Shape Models
  • 9 Piece of Fruit Models
  • 8 Piece of Animal Models
  • 10 Piece of Containers
  • 1 Pack of Mixed Fruits
  • 12 Pieces Sea Models

The set also has an educational role. The child can use it to explore the world of fruit, animals and shapes. Combining education with great fun is probably the best form of activity for a child. This Slime kit can be used at school or when decorating for a birthday party.

Slime Kit for Girls

The Jumbo Slime Kit will interest both girls and boys. The variety of possibilities guarantees fun for a few good hours. The set is very extensive and consists of:

  • 18 different colored slimes
  • 3 cutting/shaping utensils
  • 2 plastic straws
  • 12 vials of colored glitter
  • 2 bags of sugar paper
  • 3 bags of beads
  • 6 bags of foam balls

If you want to ensure safe entertainment for your child, without your continuous participation, then this is the solution for you.

Slime Kit Slime Supplies

slime kit for girl

As the last product we offer a very rich set, with which you can create a beautiful rainbow or other patterns. A large number of positive ratings makes it worthwhile to be interested in.

Slime kit for my child

Children’s toys must meet a number of different standards. Purchased from reliable manufacturers are a guarantee of security. However, you must always anticipate your child’s behavior so that nothing bad happens to him. Slime kits are dedicated to slightly older children. By default, manufacturers specify a restriction for children under 5 years old. Then the child understands that it is forbidden to take toys to his mouth and can play according to the manufacturer’s intention. Despite this, it is worth paying attention to them so that they do not do something dangerous. Materials used for production, e.g. Jojo Siwa slime kit, meet International Standards Worlddwide.

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