jojo siwa skirt

Jojo Siwa Skirt

Jojo Siwa is already a global brand. She became a media personality at a very young age. Her image is very rich in various elements. From slogans, to the way to preserve elements of clothing. As is not difficult to guess, the girl is particularly interested in this last aspect. Today we will look at Jojo Gray’s skirts. These are usually elements of the dress for younger girls, for various meetings with friends, for everyday walking around the house or for costume parties.

We do not want to discuss all the costumes here, there is a lot of them and we will deal with them in another post. The number of skirts 100% associated with Jojo is rather small. Let’s go to those that we were able to find and in our opinion they met some basic assumptions such as: reasonable price, good looks and a clear reference to the artist.


Top 8 skirts Jojo Siwa for girls

The first thing that comes to mind when we see the image of Jojo Gray in the head is the color pink, her blonde hair and the bow which is on them. The skirt about which we want to mention is not possible to mistake with any other, it is immediately known that it refers to a young artist. The whole is made of cotton dyed pink. You can say that it settles a sporting character. The waistband has an elastic welt that will surely fit into the child’s body. In itself, it is not too complicated. The only distinguishing feature is the high-quality bows graphic.

jojo skirt

While in the case of the skirts discussed earlier, there is no problem with defining the leitmotif for the further into the forest the worse. Another suggestion can not be refused an interesting color and a reasonable price. However, when you look at it, you do not get an immediate association with Jojo Siwa. There are bows attached to it, but it could be just ordinary bows and not just what Jojo wears. On the skirt there are also subtitles with the nickname of the singer. If not for this small element, the skirt could resemble any other belonging to some fairy-tale fairies. The price seems attractive which makes the product more attractive. The skirt has elements of the Jojo universe, the question is not enough, before buying it is worth asking the child if he likes it.

jojo siwa skirt

The third proposal is a beautiful blue tulle skirt with embellished accent bows, rather for younger girls. In addition to bows in the background with a bright color, the inscription Jojo Siwa appears with a heart. Unfortunately, the producer does not provide more information.
skirts for girls

The next place is a skirt + shirt set. Rainbow organza skirt with ccc jersey binding, poly interlock lining, cvc jersey short with striped elastic waistband. No doubt, the set will appeal to every little artist.

The last of the skirts we want to make an appointment is an exception. It is even more subdued, less flashy and clearly directed to older children. Dominating color shawl with black welt and 3 colorful bows and a small gold Jojo Siwa sign on the other side. There are not many opinions, but all are positive. They pay attention to the fact that it is not too thin and the children are very happy.


Skirt for Little Girls

The offer for definitely the youngest fans of Jojo Siwa is another proposal. A skirt in bright, multi-colored shades will undoubtedly delight several-year-old girls. The range of available colors is huge. Two sizes are available for girls 2-4 and 4-8 years respectively. The combination of polyester tulle and satin means that your child will not be too warm in warm weather. The advantage of this material is also easy to wash. It is a perfect gift for a birthday party, for a ballet class or for playing with friends. As a bonus, the manufacturer adds an additional bow to the hair.

multi-colored skirt

7 offer looks very interesting. This is Jojo Siwa By Danskin Girls Big Flutter Skirt in pastel pink. The welt is decorated with a gold stripe at the bottom. On the front of the dress is the Jojo signature. It is visible, however, small enough that it does not catch the eye, which may appeal to girls who like slightly modest accents. It was made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester which is a very nice solution. This combination makes the dress comfortable, soft and ideal for use both on hot days and slightly cooler. You can easily wash it in the washing machine.

The last suggestion is a two-layer dress with five red bows attached. The first layer is a rainbow-colored skirt (horizontal color stripes), the second is a transparent sheath.

The choice is very limited, but there will certainly be something for every child. It is worth searching the shop for other proposals, maybe you will find something interesting.

How to choose a skirt for a child?

There are several things to consider when choosing a skirt gift for a child. The first is usability. Some models will be more suitable for everyday use, while others will be perfect for ballet classes. The next thing is the material they were made of. Polyester provides pleasant sensations on hot days, while cotton will make the skirt give more warmth. It is worth to read the tag posted by the manufacturer. Following the recommendations will make the skirt have more vivid colors.

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