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When choosing sandals, we are more often guided by their comfort than appearance. They must be light and cannot rub the feet. There is probably nothing worse than too small sandals where the fingers protrude far above the sole. There are similar rules for children’s sandals, but their appearance is important.

As you know, children love to have items that remind them of their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters or artists such as Jojo Siwa. Today we will look at Jojo Siwa sandals, and in addition we will complement the list with other sandals that may appeal to young fans of this singer and vlogger.

When to choose Jojo Siwa Sandals?

Depending on their construction, sandals are ideal as footwear by the swimming pool or in the pool. They are perfect during sunny days, when we do not want to wear socks and high shoes. They let our feet breathe, cooling our body a little. Of course, sandals also work well during ordinary trips around the area or in cities.

We do not recommend going to the mountains in them, but probably everyone knows. The biggest disadvantage of sandals is the possibility of getting to them small pebbles that are very annoying and you need to get rid of them from time to time.

Every girl will be happy with such a gift. It is true that in the case of Jojo Siwa sandals there is not much choice, but the products that are available are interesting specimens. The list will be further expanded with other sandals ideal for girls.


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1. JoJo Siwa Girls Sequin Open Toe Slide Sandals

JoJo Siwa sandals

We start the list with Jojo Siwa sandals with bare toes in turquoise. The insert has been profiled in such a way as to increase the maximum comfort of use. In addition to comfort, safety was also ensured in the form of an adhesive non-slip sole. What is definitely more interesting from the child’s point of view is the appearance of the sandals, and this one is very cool. The delicate turquoise color goes perfectly with the beach, water and pool. This color also makes the sandals match most girls’ outfits. The most important decoration, which is associated with Jojo, is a large bow placed above the toes and one of the popular symbols located near the heel area, which is the unicorn with the logo of Jojo Siwa.

2. JoJo Siwa Flip Flops Sandals

sandals JoJo Siwa

This type of solution does not suit every person, but if the child does not have a problem with it, it is an interesting proposition. First of all, the low price for the official Jojo Siwa product is an important role. The sandals contain inscriptions and pictures known from Jojo’s adventures. We find printed bows, ice cream and cupcakes on them. The manufacturer does not provide much information about the product, so if you have any doubt, ask.

3. JoJo Siwa Girls’ Thong Sandals with Signature Bow

girl sandals

This time, something for elegant young ladies. These beautiful Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa sandals have a large, multi-colored 3D bow. Importantly, the sandals offer adjustable Velcro fastening, so that the child will be able to easily remove and put on sandals without the risk of chafing. The way this product was made makes it ideal for summer footwear, not just for the beach or swimming pool. The color scheme is neutral enough that every dress should match it.

As you know, girls love to resemble their mothers, and these sandals were designed like an adult (of course, they are intended for children). The durable sole with low and flat heel gives the sandals an “adult character”.

4. JoJo Siwa Blue Stars Sandal with Rhinestone Bow

 JoJo Siwa Blue Sandal

The sandals are similar to the ones we showed first. The design is almost identical, the biggest differences were in the appearance. The light low color is intertwined with white and white stars. The fingers are held by a silver handle with a large black bow with small crystals attached to it.

Unfortunately, these are the last official Jojo Siwa sandals. However, we encourage you to look at the next proposals which will also be a real treat for girls.

5. Light-up Athletic Sandal

girl Sandal

Perfect, sporty Jojo sandals for girls aged 4-8. They are made of synthetic material. Adjustable strap for easy on and off. This model of sandals is more built-up, thanks to which it allows more freedom while having fun. Check in hot summer and in spring and early autumn. The combination of blue and pink color makes the sandals are very girlish and will appeal to young fans of Jojo Siwa.

6. Princess Flat Shoes Girl Summer Sandals

Shoes Girl Summer Sandals

Probably the most versatile sandals so far presented. Perfect as a gift for toddlers loving the color of pink and the world of princesses. On the zubek there is a charming flower made of leather, like the whole mountain of sandals. The sole is rubber and is 1 inch thick. In these sandals, the child will be happy to go out with you for the first longer walks.

7. Fantasy Sandal

Fantasy Sandal jojo siwa style

Let’s return for a moment to lighter constructions. The seventh suggestion is sandals with unicorn motifs. The graphics of this mythical animal are very fairy-tale, although it doesn’t really match the one known from vlogs Jojo Siwa, but the child should love them anyway. The product is lightweight, easy to put on and take off. The thickness of the sole is sufficient to protect the feet of toddlers. Available in several sizes from 9 Toddler to 13 Little Kid.

8. Girls Slide Sandals Kids Outdoor Beach Pool Sandal Soft Unicorn

Sandal Soft Unicorn

Sandals are made of high quality PVC that is designed to provide durability and comfort. It is non-slip footwear, so there are no worries about accidents in the pools. The construction with bare fingers promotes skin breathing, which will give a pleasant feeling of coolness to the child. As for design, it is a combination of delicate pink and equally delicate light blue color. On one sandal there is a unicorn, on the other a rainbow with the words “unicorn”. The choice of sizes is really big and should be enough to find the right one. The product is not licensed by Jojo Siwa, but it closely resembles elements known from this universe and will probably delight the child’s face.

9. Crocs Kids’ Girls Lina Charm Flat Sandal

Crocs sandal

Crocs is a very well known and respected company. Its offer includes sandals ideal for girls who want to be like princesses or Jojo Siwa. This model was made of synthetic material. The whole sandal is dark pink with a thin light pink bandage. If you care about a proven company, this is undoubtedly an interesting offer.

10. Cute Cartoon Lightweight Sandals

Cute sandals

The penultimate proposal is interesting mainly due to the construction. The sandals are equipped with removable pads that facilitate hygiene. The material used for their production is mica and EVA-friendly crust. The strap visible in the photo is movable, it can stay on top or roll over a heel. The sole is completely non-slip and adheres very well to the floor. There are many different colors and designs to choose from. The one closest to Jojo seems to be the one we present. However, the number of sizes is limited, so you can always look at other suggestions from this seller.

11. L.O.L Surprise! Girl’s Sandal

Surprise! Girl's Sandal

The list closes with dark samdals with motifs quite different from those known from the world of Jojo Siwa, however, the number of positive reviews suggests that this is a worthy proposition. Sizes are available for both small and large girls. These sandals are suitable for walking around the house and outside. The license used to create them was L.O.L Surpise. Of course, this design is easy to put on and take off. Our doubts are raised by the colors, which are more dark, which may be a bit less liked by some girls.

We regret that amazon does not offer more interesting Jojo Siwa sandals, but those that are available seem interesting, and if they did not meet the requirements of you and children, it is worth looking for sandals for girls with motifs reminding them of their favorite star. We invite you to read our other entries and choose the dream gift for your child.

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