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Who of us did not hang posters with favorite characters from television, radio or games on the walls. Today such people like Jojo Siwa are on the rise. This young artist is very popular today despite her young age. She is almost 16 years old and is known for her performances on television where, among other things, she danced and sang, youtube where she runs her channel with daily vlogs: JoJo Siwa Vlogs. The songs that brought her the most fame include “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store”. The first of them has an unimaginable number of 670 million views, with such a number can dream hundreds of artists from around the world.

Jojo Siwa whose real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa became a personality recognizable all over the world, it is possible that she will achieve success similar to Justin Bieber or other artists of the new generation. Thanks to this recognition, many girls want to have something related to the image of this young artist in their collection. One of the cheapest and most easily available products are posters from Jojo Siwa.

There are several sites on which you can buy these posters and other products by Jojo Siwa. In this post, however, the leitmotif is posters and we will try to show you some of the most interesting of them.

1. Nickelodeon Wall Poster JoJo Siwa

Wall Poster JoJo Siwa

Poster branded with both the artist’s brand and the television station Nickelodeon. The number of singles could have fooled you, in fact they are 3 posters fully ready to be placed in frames or direct hanging on the wall. Each of them is a very nice photo of Jojo Siwa with high quality print which guarantees a great look on the wall and readability even from larger distances. The posters are really big and their dimensions are 22×24. The package includes:

Jojo Siwa be you
Eat dance sleep wall Posters

On each of them we will find Jojo with an inscription in various styles.

2. Be Your Own Star Poster Book

Star Poster Book

The second offer is even more for even less. We’re dealing here with over 30 posters from Jojo Siwa. The set includes:

– Mini locker & cubby posters
– Double-sided door signs
– Mirror decorations
– Customizable wall posters
– Three-piece wall posters
– Matching bestie posters

Most of them show a young artist with various, partly motivational texts. Posters are made in a decent style, however, they are much smaller than those of the first proposal, their dimensions are 8.2 x 0.4 x 11. Surely the downside is that the posters must be combined to form a coherent picture. However, it does not always have to work well, which can result in a very aesthetic appearance. Posters are printed on both sides, which means that half will not be visible. To sum up, the set is an interesting solution, it offers a lot for little money, however, it has a few minuses and it is worth considering the purchase so that later there will be no disappointment.

3. JoJo Siwa Peel and Stick Wall Decals

JoJo Siwa poster

Another of our proposals is an alternative to posters. Speech of large (really large) stickers on the wall. They represent Jojo Siwe together with a pony, a bow and other characteristic elements. Stickers take sizes 2.3 inches x 1.6 inches to 15.5 inches x 24.5 inches. They are really very easy to apply. They can be moved without sticky residues. Ideally suited for all smooth surfaces. This is the perfect way to decorate your daughter’s room. As for the quality of workmanship, we do not have any objections, everything is at the right level. If your child is crazy about Jojo Siwa, this decorative element of the room will give him a lot of joy.

4. Unicorn Parking Only – humor poster

poster with unicorn

The Universe of Jojo Siwa is not only herself, bows and ponies are an inseparable element associated with the artist. The poster we propose is directed to slightly older children. There is no image on it but only the text itself. It is humorous and defines the parking zone for ponies. While visually there is nothing to rave about, the quality of workmanship is really high. The size of the poster is 12 “x 18”, it was made on thick paper, which makes it resistant to abuse and does not bend like many others.

5. International Wall Paper JoJo Siwa Be You

Wall Paper JoJo Siwa

Time for a real attraction and an idea for a slightly more expensive gift from the posters category. Poster mounted in a frame, the whole size is 22 x 34. The frame is one-inch deep which makes the poster properly protected. The whole does not exceed the price of 50 $, however, compared to previous proposals, it is quite a difference. However, we are dealing here with a poster that should survive many and accompany the child for years.

6. Trends International JoJo Siwa Bows, 22.375 x 34

posters jojo siwa

One of the most popular choices is a well-rated poster in a solid frame that will last for many years even in the room of the biggest rascals. Available frame colors are:
– black
– mahogany
– silver
– white

In addition, there is an option to buy a poster without a frame, by the seller it is called the premium option. The poster gets very high marks, they focus mainly on children’s reactions, not on the poster itself. However, you can expect good quality from the manufacturer. Anyway, he provides photos of a frame that looks really solid. The main part of the poster is occupied by the slogan “Bows make everything better”. Added to this were several ribbons and most importantly a photo of a young Jojo dressed in a pink blouse and skirt with gray sneakers and a denim vest.

7. Trends International JoJo Siwa – Say Whaa Wall Poster, 24.25 x 35.75, Multi

JoJo Siwa - Say Whaa Wall Poster

The same seller offers several different posters. Most have similar color options when it comes to the frame (or lack thereof) and prices. A fairly “dynamic” poster is the one with the inscription “Say Whaaa ?!”. The young artist has her mouth wide open as if she were screaming the quoted text. In addition, the background consists of two colors green and pink.

The children’s room changes with the child’s age. It is hard to imagine a 15-year-old girl wanting to live in a room decorated as for a few years old. One of the elements that can accompany a child over the years is a poster with a favorite character, especially if the one over the years is still popular and offers content in line with the child’s preferences. Jojo Siwa will grow up with your child. A lot of people have posters of their favorite bands despite the passage of time. Jojo is primarily a singer who promises to be a star. This makes it easier to imagine a desire to interact with her poster for many years. Posters are also a decorative element that is very easy to change and bring a little freshness to the room.

Of course, the choice is significantly larger, we will try to update the list of new articles from time to time. In addition, it will show other equally interesting items that can be used as a gift for a child obviously associated with Jojo Siwa. I encourage you to visit the blog regularly to track new entries.

Check Jojo Siwa skirt

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