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Say what you want, but I love to sleep. There is nothing better than turning off the brain after a hard day at work and everyday duties. Sleep is one of the simplest and obligatory activities in the past life. Of course, there are people who, as if they could never have slept, but the fact is that during our lifetime we sleep about one third of the time that has been given to us. Lack of sleep negatively affects health and concentration. It makes you irritated, you have trouble with memory or headaches. Sleep in your own bed with your favorite pillow is it. We have already discussed bedding with the motif of Jojo Siwa for children and pajamas now it is time for pillows.

1. JoJo Siwa Decorative Body Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover

We start with a 20 “x 54” pillowcase. It is a decorative pillowcase with different designs both from the front and back with a Jojo Siwa motif. It was made of soft polyester microfiber. The manufacturer ensures that the colors will not fade quickly, and the pillowcase itself is ideal for washing in a washing machine. Of course, the product is completely non-toxic and does not pose a threat to the child (we will not repeat it at every point, all products presented are safe.When it comes to the graphics itself, the main motif is a unicorn in the heart. The blue background color has a calming effect and can help you fall asleep.

2. JoJo Siwa Follow Your Dreams Body Pillow

Your Dreams Body Pillow

As the second we present a pink pillow with a large inscription “Follow your dreams” and a 3D bow sewn in in the upper right corner. Sizes are 18 “W x 36” H x 6 “D, the pillowcase is made of 100% polyester.

3. JOJO Siwa Bow Pillow Bed Buddy Throw Pillow Girls Purple Bow

Bed Buddy Throw Pillow
A bow-shaped pillow is the perfect idea for a gift and decorate the room. This is a lovely purple pillow 18 inches x 9 inches x 5 inches thick. The look itself is really impressive, but the size mentioned can sometimes be questionable. If a small child uses it, the surface will be sufficient, for older children it may be too small, but it will still be an ideal decoration on the bed.

4. JoJo Siwa Pillow Case (Standard)

JoJo Siwa Pillow Case
For the fourth proposal, the manufacturer does not provide much information. However, taking into account his other products, he will assume that this pillowcase is made of polyester. This is a fairly simple pillowcase with cupcake graphics and a pattern with horizontal stripes. As the name suggests, it is such a standard, but with good grades.

5. Body Pillow Covers Pillowcase Unicorns Custom Throw Pillows

Unicorns Custom Throw Pillows

The fifth proposal is a pillowcase in motifs close to Jojo, but not directly related to it. You can see the obvious pattern in the world of Jojo Siwa, but it is something else. Made of polyester, nice to the touch, but on average.

6. Blue Sparkle Cupcake Pillow with Bow

Cupcake Pillow with Bow
Probably the biggest hit of the set is Cupcake Pillow with Bow. It is a really big pillow that takes only positive opinions. Its sizes are 17 “x 13.5” x 13.5 “. It is very delicate and ideally suited to both a decoration and a typical pillow under the head. Its appearance will definitely appeal to a child. It is a perfect idea for a birthday present. It is easy to keep the pillow clean, but do not machine wash it.

7. JoJo Siwa Plush Sparkle Rainbow Unicorn 23″ Pillow Buddy

Unicorn Pillow Buddy
An equally interesting proposition, if not even more interesting than the previous one. The total hit on amazon is a 23 “x 14” x 5 “cuddly pillow / cuddly toy, as soon as the package arrives you will be surprised by its size. This unicorn is very cool made and seems perfect for every fan of Jojo. The only thing worth it check after receiving the product is a seam There were individual pieces that did not have good sewing.

8. Unicorn Throw Pillow, 14″ Emoji Plush Pillow for Couch

 Unicorn Throw Pillow
One alternative to the previous proposal may be this unicorn head pillow. This is definitely a typical pillow, unlike the previous point. This is not a product using the Jojo Siwa license. This is a really nice gift that can be used when resting, watching TV or meeting a child with friends. If the lack of a license is not a problem, you should consider buying.

9. Claire’s Girl’s JoJo Siwa Ombre Sequin Pillow

JoJo Siwa Ombre Sequin Pillow
The second of the pillows resembling bows, but much more showy than the first. It is a proposal definitely more to decorate the room than that a child sleeps on it. It is admittedly not the smallest 15.5 “W x 8” H, however, the whole is covered with Ombre sequin, which gives a very interesting effect, but excludes it from normal use. If you want to decorate a child’s room in an effective way, it is a good idea, if you are looking for a pillow, choose a different list suggestion.

Pillows can be used not only to fall asleep comfortably, but also to decorate the room, and some can even be toys for children. When choosing, you should consider what you really expect. It is rare that the pillow is practical, decorative at the same time and will provide the child with entertainment, although they have also shown in this set

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