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I am from the 90s and then having a mobile phone by a kid was just beginning to be fashionable. Today, virtually all children have their own smartphones. From an early age, they watch fairy tales or play games on their parents’ phones, and when they go to school they receive their own. We used to have mobile phones today, these are smartphons, but the fact of distinguishing themselves with the housing has remained unchanged. Today we chose the most interesting phone cases:

1.iPhone 6/6s Pure Clear Case Cases Cover JoJo Siwa

Cases Cover JoJo Siwa
The first of the presented covers is very thin and designed for iPhone of different generations. Its advantage is probably that it does not block any phone functionality, and leaves access to the camera or other options. In our opinion, the graphic style is rather weak, we understand the idea of ​​the graphic, but the duplicated Jojo Siwa does not look good here.

2.JoJo Siwa Mobile Phone Case

JoJo Siwa Mobile Phone Case
The second phone case is characterized by much better graphics. It presents Jojo Siwa with the inscription “Dream crazy big” and although this one is a bit cut off, it looks good. The cover is suitable for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus, it is not compatible with the standard iPhone 7/8. The design absorbs shocks, and the frames provide additional screen and camera protection

3.JoJo Siwa Mobile Phone Case iPhone 7 – 8 Plus

JoJo Phone Case iPhone 7

The third of the presented phone cases is dedicated to the same iphone models as the previous ones. It has exactly the same features as the previous one, it is distinguished by the graphics on the back, which it depicts Jojo Siwe with a bow, on a blue background with stars.

4. DAJIN JoJo Siwa Mobile Phone Case iPhone 7

Mobile Phone Case

The fourth suggestion is exactly the same as the previous two, the only difference is the graphics on the back. You can see Jojo sitting there with her BowBow dog.

5. Artbling Case for iPhone 8/7 /6 / 6S 4.7

To break the monotony, another suggestion is for younger people who like Jojo and her world, but are not a licensed product. This is a very charming 3D case for several Iphone models. The leitmotif is a sleeping unicorn. The casing additionally protects the phone, and most importantly definitely makes it stand out from other kids’ phones.

6. Pink Jojo Cell Phone Case

Jojo Siwa

We return to Jojo Siwa and iPhone 7 and 8. The appearance of the frame which was made of PC and TPU has changed. It is a slim design, which, as provided by the manufacturer, has effective shock absorption for every corner of the phone. The whole graphics space is occupied by a photo of Jojo wearing a pink jacket.

7. Jojo Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case
The seventh of the presented phone cases is identical to the one with the number six. The only difference is, of course, the use of different graphics, which in this case is conspicuous and dynamic. The blue background, rainbow stripes and Jojo’s raised leg give the impression of almost walking.

When it comes to choosing the type of housing, it is not too big. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the Jojo case for non-iPhone phones on Amazon. The demand is probably too low. As a consolation, you can add the fact that the number of graphics is large and you will definitely find something suitable here.

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