Jojo Siwa Nightlight

Night lamp is a specific element in every children’s room. This small element has a powerful power to repel monsters from under the beds, wardrobes and any other dark corner. Not every child is afraid of the dark, but the vast majority do not feel comfortable sleeping in the dim light. Night lights come with help, which give a soft light, illuminating the room well enough for the child to feel safe. When the night passes, the lamp stays on the cabinet, on the wall or the wall, so it’s good for the child to like the look too. Without a doubt, every fan of Jojo Siwa will make it clear to you that the best night lamp resembles a unicorn, or is otherwise associated with a young artist.

If you were looking for a children’s night lamp in the style of Jojo Siwa, then we come to the rescue. Below is a list of the most interesting proposals. As the number of licensed products is very limited to the list, we’ve added some interesting proposals in the shape of unicorns, which should also appeal to Jojo fans. We invite you to read!

Jojo Siwa Night light

On the list you will find both traditional lamps and neon and wall lamps. When deciding to buy it is worth paying attention to the quality of workmanship and power consumption. Some of the lights work on the battery, others need power from the outlet.

1. JoJo Siwa 3D NightLight Unicorn Figurine Lamp

NightLight Unicorn
There could be nothing better than a unicorn lamp. We start with a very nice night lamp with dimensions of 10 inches (H) x 6 inches (W) x 6 inches (D). The lamp is powered by 3 AA batteries which are included in the set. The light is produced by an LED bulb that is indelible. The lamp has a button after turning on it lights up for 15 minutes and then goes out. On the one hand, this is a good solution because you do not waste your battery, on the other, as a child cannot sleep, he must turn the light back on every 15 minutes. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, while the undeniable advantage is the appearance of the lamp. The unicorn is a mythical creature that little girls have fallen in love with, occurs in many fairy tales, also appears in the company of Jojo Siwa’s. The pink stand and the large dark pink bow make the bedside lamp even more girly.

2. JoJo Unicorn Stick Lamp

JoJo Unicorn Stick Lamp

The most traditional and proven bedside lamp model. Jojo Siwa stick lamp has a blue lampshade with graphics of a rainbow, stars, hearts and of course a unicorn. Toggle on / off switch makes light easy to turn on and off. It is not a large item (14 “hx7” w, base is 5.5 “W), which means it will fit on every cabinet, shelf and desk. It needs 40 watts to function. The stand is purple, but not to have pink, the shade of the lampshade has just that color.

3. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Neon Wall Art

JoJo Siwa NightLight

Quite an unusual proposition for a bedside lamp, but worth considering. It is a NEON with dimensions of 10.24 “L x 0.59” W x 11.8 “H. Shows a unicorn and glows alternately: pink, blue, orange, green. Requires connection, the length of the cable should be appropriate. Inside the neon are bows and the large Jojo Siwa logo, confirming the originality of the product. The biggest problem with neon lights is the high power consumption and the fact that they like to spoil, but if you want to risk and give your child an original gift, there is nothing to wait for!

4. JoJo Unicorn Kids Lamp

Jojo Siwa Night light

Unfortunately, this is the last night lamp licensed by Jojo Siwa, but stay with us because the next proposals are very interesting. This standing lamp has sizes 11.8 in H x 5.5 in D and is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately. Jojo Siwa style design will appeal to a girl. The product is perfect for a practical gift. The plastic lampshade is decorated with a unicorn graphics wrapped in a rainbow.

5. Unicorn LED Night Lights

Unicorn Night Lights

Unicorns look great in every fairy tale, they are intelligent, help the main character (often a princess) and give people friendship, so it’s no surprise that girls want to have such friends in their rooms. A unicorn shaped bedside lamp with seven light colors that can change and flash them is an interesting idea for brightening a scary night. The lamp hangs without any problem on any flat surface, it is powered by two AA batteries, which are not included in the set. During its production, care was taken for safety because it was made of safe ABS material. The manufacturer also offers lamps k cloud and rainbow.

6. Night Light Unicorn Lamp Girls

Unicorn NightLights

The previous proposal had one significant disadvantage, it looked unattractive during the day, the top was all white without any graphics. In the case of this lamp we get a product that can be enjoyed by the eye during the day. Battery powered 2xAA (not included) and dimensions 23cm / 9.05 “* 24cm / 9.45” * 2.8cm / 1.1 “The lamp also has other advantages. The main is a remote control with a range of 10 meters that allows you to turn on / off the lamp, control the brightness and set time to go out It is a product based on LED technology.

7. LED Night Lighting Lamp

Lighting Lamp
If you need a gift that automatically evokes emotions and interest in your child then you should choose this amazing night lamp. It is a night lamp and projector at the same time, illuminates the surfaces of the walls and ceilings with stars, arousing curiosity in the child. This is a great way to start an amazing adventure that can be exploring the koskos. The lamp uses 4 AAA batteries or a USB connection.

8. Unicorn Night Lights,3D Optical Illusion

Unicorn Night Lights

The bedside lamp resembles a beautiful 3d unicorn that can glow in many colors. The 3d image is an illusion, so the lamp is really two-dimensional. It has 16 colors and 4 ways of displaying them (Flash / Strobe / Fade / Smooth). We offer several types of lamps, presenting different forms of a unicorn, which in our opinion is the most beautiful. For technical reasons, it should be noted that it is powered by 3 AA batteries or via a USB cable. The lamp gives a lot of light and should enable reading a prince, it also has a dimming mode.

9. Unicorn Light Wood LED Night Light

jojo night light

The previous lamp presented an adult captive, more like the animal from normal fantasy movies. If your child is slightly smaller, they may like cartoon shapes more, something like this. It is a pink night lamp in the shape of the head of a sleeping unicorn. It can hang on the wall, but it works just as well on the bedside table. The lamp comes with a remote control that makes it easy to control and a 1.5M USB cable, the light is created in 30 LEDs. The shape of the lamp makes it easy to consider it a girl’s room decoration.

10. Streamline Unicorn LED LAMP Night Light

Unicorn LED LAMP
As you can see, unicorns are very popular and the production of bedside lamps outdo each other in coming up with nicer and prettier and more original models. This time the mythical creature appears in pastel rainbow colors. Dimensions: 4. 125 “L x 6. 25” W x 9. 25 “H. The lamp is very nicely made, packed in a gift box. The product should appeal to girls who love Jojo Siwa.

11. Dhink Unicorn Night Light for Kids

Night Light for Kids
The eleventh suggestion is a cute, sitting unicorn. It can be connected to a USB port, the charging time is 2-3 hours and is sufficient for 2.5-5 hours depending on the color chosen.


  • 50% WHITE
  • 100% WHITE
  • RED
  • BLUE

The lamp gives little light and is rather an element illuminating the area around the bed. Due to its appearance, it will suit most girls’ rooms.

Did you choose a lamp for a child?

We hope you liked our suggestions. As you can see there is no problem finding unicorn-shaped lamps, worse with those directly related to Jojo Siva, but something was found anyway. Most products have at least a few opinions so there should be no problem reaching your own conclusions. Prices of Jojo Siwa night lamps are relatively low, and in case of any problems remember that you always have the option of making returns. We encourage you to look at our other articles. It is possible that among other entries you will find interesting ideas for a gift. In the matter of sleeping we touched on the subject of nightgowns and pajamas, slippers and pillows.

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