Jojo Siwa Lunch Box

A long break at school has always been an ideal moment to eat what parents have prepared. Most often it was a roll with cheese and ham and some fruit, but there were also more interesting meals. However, carrying sandwiches loosely in a backpack was not the best idea, especially when it was still out of the books, shoes, exercise clothes and various more or less useful items. Because of this, lunch boxes were very popular. Today is the same, and many kids want to have a cool package for a second breakfast.

1. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Awesome Purple Insulated Dual Compartment Lunch Kit

jojo siwa lunch kit

The first of the lunch boxes discussed is delicate and quite roomy. Dimensions 7.5x9x5 make it easy to contain sandwiches and addition in the form of a fruit, like an orange or an apple. The lunch kit is very nicely made. It contains a good quality photo of Jojo Siwa and a few other characteristic elements like cupcakes. The pink-blue-black coloring will also suit your daughter’s taste. The box contains a handle that makes it even more handy.

2. Fab Starpoint Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Pink Stars Insulated Lunch Kit

jojo siwa lunch box

The second of the Lanuch container proposals is 10x8x3, very similar to the previously discussed product. Ideally suited for both school and everyday use. The leitmotif is the slogan “Be our own star”. We do not find here a photo of Jojo Siwa, however, it is a fully licensed product. Black color dominates with elements of pink and gold inserts.

3. Jojo Siwa Double Compartment Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

The Third Lunch Bag contains two separate compartments. Sometimes this solution can be very useful. Its dimensions are 9.5 x 3.5 x 8 inches. The coloring is the most toned down of the previously discussed. It is dominated by black and gold, pink boils down to very small accents. The main graphics are a photo of Jojo dressed in a golden jacket.

4. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Insulated Lunch Bag Snack Bag

Lunch Bag Snack Bag

This bag will probably be loved by not one girl. Colorful and can be worn on the shoulder, it may well be a purse. Its size is 9 x 8 x 4 inches, which is still similar to those discussed previously. The central place is occupied by Jojo with his hands in the shape of a heart, and there are bows and the words “Be you” around it. The whole is very pink and girlish.

5. The Tin Box Company Jo Jo Siwa Tin Lunchbox

Jo Jo Siwa Tin Lunchbox

So far, we have discussed delicate packaging, time for something stiffer. This box is our favorite in terms of appearance. All graphics are legible, including the image of Jojo Siwa. Thanks to its construction, you do not have to worry that the child will destroy the sandwiches that are in it. The sizes are very close to all of the others presented today 9 x 3.5 x 6.8 inches.

6. Jojo Lunch Box Soft Kit Insulated Cooler Siwa Bows Are My Super Power

lunch Box Soft Kit

Bows are My super power, such an inscription appears on the front of the next lunch box. The biggest distinguishing feature of this proposal is the blue bow attached to the box. It is a fully licensed product with a pink-blue color scheme. The whole is decorated with a pattern with sneakers, ice cream and muffins.

7. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Girl’s Soft Lunch Box

JoJo Siwa Girl's Soft Lunch Box

Light and pleasant to the touch lunch container in purple. The container is well insulated and fully safe. This colorful lunch box features your favorite YouTube star: Jo Jo Siwa.

8. JoJo Siwa Insulated Lunchbox-Pink

JoJo Siwa Insulated Lunchbox-Pink

Licensed product with top handle. The food container is closed with a zipper. Its sizes are 11.2 x 8.9 x 4.1 inches, enough to pack sandwiches and some sweet snack. On the front side there are practically all elements associated with Jojo.

9. Jojo Sweet And Sassy Vertical Lunch Bag

Vertical Lunch Bag

Lunch bag that keeps food fresh longer. Ideally suited to school, for short trips or picnics. The advantage of this bag is definitely its performance, which stands at a high level. The bag is easy to clean. At this price it is one of the most interesting proposals.

10. JoJo Siwa Bento Box Food Compartment With JoJo Siwa Water Tumbler

JoJo Siwa Box Food

The tenth suggestion is one of the more expensive sets. It consists of a food box and Water Tumbler. The lunch box has 3 separate sections for food. Both elements are fully Leak proof to take on the go, you can wash them in the dishwasher. Unlike most, here a blue color with pink accents was used, which is an interesting alternative to earlier proposals.

How to choose a lunch box for a child?

1. Material / Material

When choosing a box, make sure it is BPA free. If there is no such information, you can always ask the manufacturer. Most market solutions are made of BPA, which can negatively affect the quality of meals. This is not an exclusionary element, but if it is possible to buy a BPA free product, it is worth taking this opportunity.

2. Strength

If you don’t want to buy a new lunch box every month, it’s worth choosing durable solutions. It is known how children handle this type of equipment, and at school it is not difficult to damage the container.

3. Tightness

Tightness is probably the most important thing. If you prepare meals for your child that can easily stain various things in the backpack during a leak, you might want to look into the container for leaks. Current solutions are usually tight enough, but a little caution won’t hurt.

4. Weight, capacity and size

The container cannot be heavy, all you need is a backpack, books, notebooks and sometimes a sports outfit. Additional load on the spine is not recommended. In the case of capacity, it is worth choosing slightly larger containers due to various situations that occur. Sometimes a school trip will happen or the child will have to stay in school longer and we will want to prepare more food. Capacity does not always match size. Consider how your child will use this container. Will he wear it in a backpack or separate.

5. Partitions

This is an interesting solution, especially when the child gets fruit and vegetables from us. This avoids e.g. wetting the sandwich. These graduations make it easier to prepare a balanced meal.


All of the products discussed prove themselves as a practical gift for children of all ages. Traveling with Jojo Siva to school will be more pleasant and less stressful.

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