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Each of us knows how important music is in the life of Jojo Siwa. We have already created an article about microphones, the time has come for headphones in which each song Jojo will sound in a good way. Each of us listens to music to a greater or lesser extent. I have been successful without her for most of my life. Currently, I like to combine silence with music, which accompanies me mainly at work.

Access to music is much simpler today than it was at the time of cassettes and CDs. Then MP3 appeared that changed the mobile music market. Today, virtually all of us have a smartphone on which SD card there are favorite songs. Since you came across this article, your child probably loves Jojo songs “Boomerang” or “Hold The Drama” and you want to give him joy with a gift in the form of Jojo Siwa headphones. Before we show you specific suggestions, we encourage you to look at the list of things to look for when buying.

Safe headphones for your child

jojo siwaIn the case of purchasing decisions that concern children, great attention should be paid to age. It is no different in the case of headphones, the purchase of which should be adjusted to the child’s age. For example, younger children attach less importance to the quality of sound, but as they grow older this becomes a more important element.

What should be paid special attention is safety. Even such an inconspicuous thing as headphones can negatively affect a child’s health. It is mainly about the volume they offer, traditional models reach a volume of 100 decibels, it’s as if standing next to a sports motorcycle without a silencer, the sound can be pleasant at one time, especially for motorcycle fans, but in the long run it cannot be endured.

Too much sound leads to pain, which is why some people showing high sensitivity avoid concerts and other loud places. For this reason, it is good to check if the headphones have a volume limit, if not, pay attention to the child so that they do not overdo the volume.

Another thing to look out for is the material from which they were made and their shape. It’s best to choose those equipped with soft cushions on the ear pads and the headband. Good headphones have a durable cable that doesn’t get tangled. If the cable is a problem, you can choose to buy wireless headphones.

Headphones or earphones?

The younger the child, the less often he will use headphones, as he grows up, the child will have his own world, listen to music, play games and watch movies. In this case, it’s worth buying headphones. Earphones are distinguished by their lightness and handiness, they are ideal for many places. Unfortunately, these types of headphones can be harmful in case of intensive use. All because they are placed in the mouth of the ear canal, which can promote the proliferation of microorganisms and lead to otitis.

Over-ear headphones are comfortable to wear, especially when the manufacturer has taken care of the soft band. It is also easier to stand out in such headphones, because the manufacturers are racing to come up with interesting shapes and graphics. Also, the choice of such models is larger, and given as a gift will be more magnificent.

Another issue is choosing the connection with other devices. As you probably know, headphones are divided into wired and wireless, usually equipped with bluetooth. In no case is it said that any variant is better, both have their pros and cons.

Last but not least, the appearance of the headphones. We repeat many times that even the most functional gift will not fulfill its task if the child does not use it. Jojo Siwa fans will be happy with headphones with a bow or a print depicting this artist and vlogger, but other girls’ headphones should be equally happy if they are pretty enough.

Jojo Siwa Headphones

On Amazon you will find many interesting wired, wireless headphones with bluetooth and wireless, bow or unicorn horn. Price differences are not large and the amounts needed to buy are within reasonable limits of gifts. Remember that every product in case of problems is subject to mandatory exchange or refund.

1. JoJo Siwa Bow Fashion Headphones with built in Microphone

jojo siwa headphone

Jojo Siwa’s style is unique and easy to distinguish from others. By putting on these headphones, the child will immediately associate them with Jojo. A large colorful bow placed at the top adds an amazing style to the handset. The bow is removable and you can attach another bow from the child’s collection. The headphones are equipped with a line microphone. 40mm drivers should provide high-level sound, soft ear pads ensure that you won’t get tired of wearing headphones, and the adjustable, soft headband fits your head perfectly.

2. JoJo Siwa Headphones for Kids

Jojo Siwa headphones for kids

We mentioned the adjustable volume, this manufacturer provides parents with a level so that the child can safely listen to their favorite songs. This is possible using a phone equipped with iOS or Android. The headphones have a standard cable whose input will fit into any device. The pillows are padded with a delicate material and adjust to the ears, just like the headband. The look of the headphones is very nice, the combination of blue with elements of pink goes well, the only element that evokes different emotions is the pink bow made of plastic.

3. JoJo Siwa Bow Fashion Headphones with Built in Microphone

JoJo Siwa Fashion Headphones

We didn’t mention it, but each of the presented models also has individual graphics on the outside of the ear pads, similarly in this case, where it is the inscription Be You in a musical style. The element that immediately catches the eye is a huge white bow placed on a comfortable headband. It is a gift very similar to the first proposal, it has a microphone in the same place and the sound quality is idendical.

4. JoJo Siwa Bow Fashion Headphones

jojo headphones

The manufacturer of the above-mentioned headphones decided to create a set with their participation In this case we get a different bow and Travel Pouch in order to take the headphones to your favorite place without having to hold them on your head.

5. JoJo-Siwa Headphones for Kids with Built in Volume Limiting

Headphones for Kids
A pair of headphones equipped with a volume lock up to 85 decibels, provides hearing protection. The adjustable headband, unfortunately, does not have a soft material on the head. The headphones have a place to attach your favorite bow (none is included in the set with headphones). The earrings have a soft sponge hidden under the blue material. The headphones are in a uniform pink color and have the Jojo Siwa logo.

6. Unicorn Kids Headphones

Unicorn Kids Headphones
Unfortunately, this is the end of official Jojo Siwa slousers. However, we encourage you to stay with us, because the next proposals are very girly and will probably appeal to every fan of Jojo. One such suggestion are headphones with unicorn ears and horn. Very solid headphones in pink color with a soft cushion on the headband and ear pads. Built-in sound level lock to 85dB will ensure your child’s safety. The headphones have LEDs that can be turned on to see illuminated elements, such as the horn. Ear pads can be folded in so that they will be easier to move.

7. Kids Headphones

kids headphone 85dB
The manufacturer of these headphones undoubtedly imitated the phenomenon of Jojo Siwa’s, it can be seen from the bow that even its colors refer to official products. If this does not bother us, then in return we get headphones with a volume lock at 85dB. An unusual solution is the band which is the thickness of the cable, on the one hand it reduces the weight of the headphones, on the other it seems to be a solution that can lead to frequent damage. The headphones have a warranty so you can always return them if you have any problems. As for the appearance itself, they are nice nothing more. When you remove the bow, an adult can also wear headphones.

8. Surprise Kid Friendly Over The Ear Headphone with Volume Limiter

headphones with bow

At first glance, the headphones look like under the license of Jojo Siwa, but the L.O.L license used here, which girls should also associate. The headphones have a volume limit, soft ear pads and a look that should appeal to girls, especially a large sequined pink bow is an element that you can’t pass without noticing it.

9. Kids Headphones


CT-7S bluetooth headphones are another option. They have cat ears with built-in LEDs. A 40mm speaker and Bluetooth 5.0 guarantee high-quality sound. The headphones also have a cable, so when the battery runs out, you can connect them to your device and continue enjoying the music. The built-in microphone allows you to conduct calls in high quality.

10. Panda Kids Headphones

Panda Kids Headphones

Maybe it’s not something like Jojo Siwa, but everyone loves Pandas, you can’t not love them. Headphones with soft fur and panda ears are the perfect gift idea for a child who loves animals. The headphones have padded ear pads and volume control.

Unfortunately, there are not many branded Jojo Siwa headphones on the market, but the choice of good quality headphones for children is huge and every child should find something for their child. If you are looking for a practical gift, headphones are a good solution, we hope that you have found what you were looking for and your child will be happy, see you in the next articles!

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