Jojo Siwa Hair Extensions and Accessories

Every princess wants to have beautiful hair, and almost every girl wants to be like a princess or Jojo Siwa. Today we will present many products related to hair and Jojo Siwą, they will be: accessories, headbands, hair extensions and hair styling kits.

As we often emphasize, girls love to behave similarly to their mothers, by staying with them they learn their habits and try to imitate them, even in such basic activities as combing hair and caring for them. The aspect of caring for hair and why it should be brushed was raised when writing about Jojo Siwa’s hairbrushes, if you want to learn more about this topic, we encourage you to see that post.

As we have already mentioned, we will focus on Jojo Siwa hair accessories. There are really many of them, but not enough to describe each one separately, that’s why we’ve combined several threads into one. This condensed list should help you choose the most complete hair set for your child.

Jojo Siwa hair extensions

There are not many Jojo Siwa hair extensions on the market. The number of products is very limited, so it goes, we will offer a few that may appeal to girls despite the fact that they will not be official products.

1.JoJo Siwa Fun Colored Faux 12

We will start with the most popular set of 4 hair extensions. The set consists of 4 extension cords, each with a bow. The first three are multicolored, but differ from each other in colors and bows, the fourth is composed of 2 colors pink and purple with a white bow. The product seems to be an interesting idea for a gift without any special occasion.

2. Nylon Braided Hair Neon Hair Braid Extensions

A set of 13-inch neon braids with small snaps at the top is worth showing. These hair accessories are a set of 21 pieces in 7 colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown. Hair extensions are made of nylon, which ensures their proper durability, while the plastic catches make them easy to put on and take off. The gift is intended for children over 5 years to avoid wrapping. The color scheme is very much in the style of Jojo Siwa.

3. JoJo Siwa Girls Party Hair Extension

A hair extension pony with the official license of Jojo Siwa in blue, pink and purple is another proposal. Its length is 17.5 “, it is very nicely laced with additional silver sequins that give it shine. It is equipped with a hair tie to attach extension to real hair. The braid makes a very good visual impression, it should match most of the girl’s outfits.

4. Clip on in Hair Extensions

One of the most popular hair extensions for girls is this large set consisting of 22 pieces in 11 colors. Each piece has one clip, putting on and taking off is really easy. The manufacturer tried to make the product resemble normal hair and behave like them, the hair extension was made of synthetic fiber. A single piece weighs about 7 g and is 19-20 inches long. This set may be perfect for slightly older girls, but the younger ones should also like it.

5. Sunormi 4 Pcs Multi-Colors Kids Girls Hair Clips

An interesting alternative to the original Jojo Siwa hair extensions is this proposal consisting of 4 pieces 15 inches long with different colors (mainly pink) with small bows and unicorns. Metal clips ensure good adhesion to the hair. The product will appeal to younger girls, the manufacturer recommends using from 3 years to about 12 years.

6. Rainbow Hair Accessories Clip in/On

The next suggestion is a gift that children will love, and it is suitable for mothers. Set consisting of 9 hair extensions in rainbow colors, made of kanekalon and equipped with metal clips is suitable for redesign using scissors and curlers. These artificial hair can be used separately or combined into one fantastic braid.

7. Synthetic Hair Extensions

The last proposal from the hair exhtensions department is a set consisting of 24 pieces of 20 “extension cords. Each piece is equipped with a clip, suitable for shortening and placing. A large number of colors will allow you to create unforgettable hairstyles, and have enough time.

Jojo Siwa Headband – hair bands

The hair band is not only to fulfill a practical task, but also to be part of a child’s clothing. Here, the choice of potential gifts is much larger than for hair extensions. Hair bands with ears and horns, bows or traditional, look what you can find on amazon.

8. JoJo Siwa Girls Glitter Cat Ear with Mini Bow Headband

The most popular Jojo Siwa hadband option is this product. This is a headband with cat ears and two black, medium-sized bows 2 “X 1.5”, headband size approx. 7.5 “X 6”. The band should appeal mainly to younger girls and cat fans.

9. Unicorn Hair Bows On Headband

This set of armbands has evidently been based on Jojo’s popularity. Each band contains a characteristic bow with various elements, including unicorn drawings. If your child does not care so much about the originality of the product, this is an interesting proposition, because a set of 10 pieces will not get bored too quickly, and when one breaks, you can easily reach for another one. Size: 5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, 0.5 inch wide bow.

10. JoJo Siwa Tiffany Blue Sequin Hair Bow Headband

A proposal very similar to the first of the bands. Black with large blue bows decorated with sequins. Product fully licensed by Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa.

11. Headbands for Girls

A very interesting alternative to plastic bands. These were made of velvet lining and decorated with shiny fabric. Headbands do not rub against the hair and are very tasteful. The band will hold your hair while playing and playing sports. The set contains 6 pieces: black, purple, silver, blue, red and pink.

12. Glitter Bows Girls Hairbands

Another idea based on the fame of Jojo Siwa, but not having an official license. A set of 10 bands decorated with bows with elements of cupcakes and a rainbow. Colors: White / Yellow / Lilac / Pink / Blue / Croal / Green / Hot Pink. This is an offer for younger girls.

Jojo Siwa hair accessories

Many hair accessories are combined into sets, we decided to check the most interesting ones. In addition to the sets, we also find hair bow holders and hair bands.

13. Hair Bow Holder Unicorn Headband

A fantastic idea for an addition to hair extensions may be a holder for artificial hair. The one we are discussing now has the unicorn’s horn and ears, it is very nicely made and refers to Jojo Siwa. It was made of a metal rim and cotton fabric. It is suitable for storing hair for crocodile clips, clips and headbands. It also has a decorative function. In the comments you will find many photos showing its use. This is a great accessory for artificial hair.

14.Jojo Siwa Girls Accessory Set

This set of Jojo Siwa hair accessories consists of 1 silver ribbon, 1 braid, 1 unicorn headband and 3 bracelets. The last element, of course, has nothing to do with hair, but it has an interesting complement. The pony with elastic band is in the colors of the rainbow, has a solid performance. It is very similar to product no. 3 from the list. The band with a bow was also included in the statement. The big silver bow is an element that no doubt Jojo fans will love. Bracelets are nice, but as they are made of many small elements, they are not suitable for the youngest.

15. JoJo Siwa Accessory Set

The fifteenth proposal is a gift set consisting of a 9-inch comb with wide teeth, 2 bows 3 “with clips, a rubber brush that folds into a 3” mirror and a zip pocket. The comb and the mirror will help you take care of nice hair, the bows will give them shine and I don’t know what to do with my pocket 🙂

16.Unicorn Hair Clips Holder

Another hair holder was designed like a unicorn. Suitable for storing clips, bows and ties. It is an alternative to the hair holder shown above, which one you choose is a matter of taste.

17. JoJo Siwa Kids Girls Hair Accessories Bundle

Definitely the most adequate header set. It consists only of Jojo Siwa hair accessories. The first is a bow with a long extension attached to an elastic band. Another element is a set of 7 medium-sized bows, and a large brush with a handy handle. The products are made of good quality non-toxic materials. I especially like her hair brush with clear graphics and a vivid pink color, and what do you think?

18. JoJo Siwa Glam 3 Set Hair Extension Fun Ties

The last product from this section that we will describe is a set of hair accessories consisting of a blonde ponytail with hair extensions with colorful braids and a large characteristic mountain crystal bow. The hair extension ponytail is 15 “. The characteristic hair bow made of rhinestones is 6” x 4 “. Two fishtail braids with sequin straps, about 16” long.

Jojo Siwa hair styling kit

Here, unfortunately, it’s hard to find any reasonable product, the only one found on Amazon is the one in the photo below. The problem is that he is unreliable and the number of negative opinions is too large for us to recommend.

The list of hair products that help stand out from the crowd is long and interesting. It consists of many elements that, separately and combined, can give a daughter or granddaughter a lot of joy. When choosing a gift, remember to be guided by your child’s preferences and choose the products he / she should like. At the same time, make sure that they are safe and do not have a negative effect on the hair. All presented products are safe and will be perfect gifts.

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