Jojo Siwa Games

Nowadays, this is not so obvious, but in the 90s board games were one of the most interesting ways of spending time for a child. Currently, children are staring at computer, telephone and tablet monitors. I am not going to complain about digitization here and say that it used to be better, but it is worth diversifying everyday fun.

It is widely known that traditional games are best played with friends. It is an ideal method for building a child’s relationship with other children. In addition, as a parent you have influence on what the child plays and you are calmer.

Ordinary card games or commonly known board games may not be enough to interest a child. It is worth reaching for a game based on a theme related to the child’s interests. An example would be games in the world of Jojo Siwa. Today we have prepared 5 of the most interesting Jojo Siwa game proposals that can be a perfect gift.

1. Cardinal Games JoJo Siwa Bust A Bow Dance Action Game

JoJo Siwa game
We start with a dance game to encourage children to move, usually there is no problem with it, but any option for energy discharge is good. Set includes: floor mat, 2 large dice, 13 bow clips, complete instructions. Thanks to the game, children have the opportunity to learn moves from Jojo Siwa’s songs. The rules of the game are simple and encourage fun not only friends, but also parents.

2. Game On Tour with JoJo Siwa

 Game On Tour with JoJo Siwa
This time we have a board game for 2-4 players over 5 years old. The game is very simple and as the producer writes: Race around the game board with your friends collecting Jojo Siwash tokens.Be the first to reach the stage to win! The game is much more structured for girls and the more they like it.

3. Games JoJo Siwa Dance Dice Dance Dice Game

JoJo Siwa Dance game
Another dance game offering probably the simplest rules possible. Throwing the dice creates a dance movement that must be performed. Each cube contains drawings with a pose, and the combination of several cubes gives a new dance choerography. The set includes: 7 multi-colored dice, 1 bow clip, complete instructions

4. JoJo Siwa 2 in 1 Board Game

JoJo Siwa 2 in 1 Board Game
The game consists of large two-sided game boards. Contents include: 24 Find & seek cards, 4 pawns, 1 spinner, instructions. The game is for 2-4 players. Unfortunately, the rules of the game have not been described, but the manufacturer places a warning informing about small gambling elements, which may indicate the type of gameplay.

5. JoJo Siwa JoJo’ S Juice Trivia Game

JoJo Siwa mini game
The last proposal is a set of 5 mini games from Jojo Siwa, intended for children under the age of 6. Two to four players can join the fun at the same time. The set includes 250 jojo gray trivia cards which ensures that the game will not get bored quickly.

Jojo Siwa, apart from being a well-known artist, has also become a strong brand based on which many products are created, one of them being games. Probably all young Jojo fans will enjoy them. If you want your child to try something new, you should consider buying one of the presented games.

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