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The decision about the first earring of a child is made increasingly earlier. It happens that at christening, parents decide to buy earrings for a newly born child. I think it is worth thinking about the earring decision for the youngest children, on the other hand, there is nothing terrible and it will not affect the child’s further life. Jojo Siwa earrings are intended for children a few years old. When buying, remember that about 15% of the population is allergic to nickel, it is worth checking what material the earrings are made of, and whether the child is allergic to them. Another thing to look out for is whether the earrings stick to your ear or hang down. In this article, we will present both options of Jojo Siwa earrings, but for children, especially those with excess energy, it is worth aiming at small earrings that do not threaten to get caught while playing. Going slowly to the most interesting suggestions, we recommend you read our previous entry on the subject of Jojo Siwa Necklace.

Jojo Siwa Earrings for girls

It might seem that manufacturers will pick up the topic and be able to offer many interesting options for earrings signed with the Jojo Siwa sign, but the choice is quite limited.

As the first we present earrings made of silver-plated brass in the shape of a unicorn and bows. In the process of their creation, e-Coat to prevent tarnishing for long-lasting wear was used. Earrings are sold in a box that is perfect as a gift for a girl. As for the product itself, you can not have major objections, despite the fact that the earrings are small (which should be a plus) the graphics are nice and clear.

The other suggestion is hanging earrings with unicorn graphics. Like the previous option, here the earrings are made of silver-plated brass. Their size is 10.17×22.36 millimeters, i.e. they are not excessively large and should not be a problem during everyday operation and play.

jojo siwa bow earrings
There were earrings in the shape of bows and unicorns, so it’s time for earrings Jojo Siwa in the shape of bows and cupckae. They are one of the basic elements associated with this young artist. In this case, we have a bow that is pale purple, not red, while the cupcake takes on similar colors, which means that the earrings are not so obvious. For one child it can be an advantage, for another a defect, and the third will not see the difference. They have a snap closure that makes them easy to remove.

Unfortunately, we are slowly approaching the end of interesting offers. We have two more and the first is the Yellow Plated Necklace with 3 Pairs of Stud Earrings set. This jewelry set includes unicorn, bow and heart shaped earrings. The necklace is a purple chain with a heart pin and the main element is a unicorn (a different graphic was used than the one on the earrings). This is the perfect gift set.

Finally, we left something for the biggest fans of bows Jojo Siwa. We’re talking about silver-plated earrings, a chain and a large blue bow on the head. This Bow set is sold at an attractive price.

bow earrings

That’s all we found on Amazon. As we mentioned in the introduction, the selection is not too big, but interesting. This completes this post, but we encourage you to read previous and follow new ones!

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