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Dolls, the most popular toys for decades. An imperial element of the girls’ growing up stage. Of course, there are those that would always prefer more “boyish” classes, but there are definitely fewer such girls. The evolution of dolls is very long, today the most popular are dolls modeled on well-known figures such as Jojo Siwa. Which doll model is the most popular in the world? This is the question everyone knows: Barbie.

These little dolls have changed the childhood of many children, today we will look at the most interesting proposition of Jojo Siwa doll and accessories such as dollhouse, clothes and cars. We will check if amazon offers Jojo Siwa talking and singing dolls and what are their costs. We invite you to read the list of the most interesting gift ideas for girls.

Barbie and doll history

barbieDon’t be fooled by Barbie’s success, it wasn’t the first doll at all, oh no, these were made much earlier. The beginning of the history of dolls is seen in the times of ancient Greece and Egypt. They were found in the graves of girls, often they were made of clay and wood. Dolls with movable joints similar to those known with Barbie and exchangeable clothes are times 200 years BC.

Their meaning evolved from playing, by bringing children closer to the saints, to collecting up to the present day in which they are used mainly back to play.

The exact history of the dolls can be traced on the relevant pages, we want to focus on Barbie and Jojo Siwa, that’s why you’re here.

Barbie is probably the most known of toys around the world. She is known not only by girls, but also by boys who do not play with dolls, but numerous advertisements have confirmed in their heads that every girl has a Barbie doll at home.

Barbie came to life in 1958, her name is a diminutive of the creator’s daughter (Barbara). The original Barbie has an imaginary story in which her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, she has a boyfriend Ken, friends and sisters.

The Barbie doll has perfect feminine dimensions, which led to controversy, but today hardly anyone remembers it and it is only a doll that is good for fun.

The question arises whether Jojo Siwa can be Barbie, of course yes, because the license is sold and many well-known people had their reflection as Barbie.

Why does the child want a doll?

It might seem that the answer is obvious, for fun, but when you look closely at this issue you will find interesting conclusions. As you may know, girls are growing up much faster than boys in emotional terms.

It is said that women raise children when men go to work. Today, times are changing, but it’s still the role of the mother is invaluable in raising children. Girls try to be more like moms than boys are to fathers. They take care of their hair in the same way, try to put on make-up, help in cleaning, imitate mother’s cancer in various situations.

One of the aspects of growing up faster are inconspicuous dolls that allow the girl to learn caring reflexes from an early age. In this relationship, the doll is not only a friend, confidant of secrets and cuddly, but also an element that allows you to control your emotions.

By playing, the child enters the world of adult life very smoothly and learns responsibility, and you must know that the younger the child, the less idea what the word is and what it means.

Another advantage of dolls is that the girl develops her manual skills. Activities such as combing, dressing or fastening are a great way to improve your coordination.

What doll to choose?

Deciding to buy a doll should be guided by several criteria.

The first is the child’s age. The younger the child, the smaller, so make sure that the dolls are light and easy to grip. If the doll is to act as a companion, the child must move freely with it. For this reason, children under the age of 3 should play with plush dolls that can be easily crushed, are nice to cuddle and do not have built-in functions. A toy that is too interactive will make the child more interested in discovering its function than initiating its own actions.

Sewn dolls do not have elements that can easily reach the child’s esophagus. This element is an indisputable plus, especially when the doll has sewn eyes, and not something like beads that can be detached.

The age up to 3 years is often a period in which the child is interested in this type of toys on average, especially in the first year of life.

The fun starts at 3 years old. Then children develop very intensively, get to know the world and experience many stimuli for the first time. This is the moment when you can be tempted to buy Barbie Jojo Siwa dolls. For larger dolls, you should remember about their weight, a 3-year-old child is not yet strong enough to deal with large dolls.

For 5 years, there is practically no limit to the choice of dolls, the child is definitely more aware of what he wants and knows that small parts are not swallowed. At this age, dolls that have a lot of clothes and are interactive, talk, sing or pee.

Implementation is the second element that should be noted. Many cheap fakes have easily broken components made of unexplored plastic. That is why it is good to choose tested and certified products. A good doll will serve the child for years and allow him to build a bond that will be much longer and stronger than with lego blocks, plasticine or other toys.

The last aspect is the child’s interests and the doll’s face. There is a simple rule about the face, it must be friendly and must not frighten the child. It should also look fairly normal so that the facial expression is similar to human.

If you are expecting another child, it may be a good idea to buy a baby-like doll to prepare your child for a brother/sister.

Jojo Siwa doll Barbie list

The admission was long, because the topic was interesting and worth explaining. Jojo Siwa dolls can turn out to be a great gift for a child, both for birthdays, holidays and without occasion. Dolls are specific toys from which a child quickly grows up, so the earlier you buy them, the longer you enjoy it. Let’s check what amazon offers under the slogan “Jojo Siwa doll”.

1. JoJo Singing Doll

Let’s start the journey around the world of Jojo Siwa dolls. The first suggestion is the Jojo 10 “doll which sings the song Every Girl’s a Supergirl. The toy has movable arms and legs, and its clothing corresponds to that known from the music video. The doll comes with accessories in the form of a microphone and hair brushes. Her long blonde hair is tied up A big pink bow The brush is the perfect accessory to improve your child’s manual skills.

2. JoJo Siwa Singing Doll (Dream)

It is a proposal very similar to the previous one, we have the same doll here as before, but the clothes and the song he sings is changed, in this case it is “DREAM”. The doll comes with the same accessories and when choosing, be guided by which song your child likes more.

3. JoJo Siwa Singing Doll Plays JoJo’s Hit Song

Jojo Siwa’s barbie singing dolls will get a little on this set. This time it is a 10 “doll singing the song” high top shoes “. Her dress changed to the one similar to Jojo’s in the music video. The set of accessories remains unchanged, the only difference is the different colors. The doll is intended for girls over 6 years life.

4. Just Play Jojo Siwa Singing Doll ‘Boomerang’

Jojo’s most popular song is Boomerang, which has been listened to cosmic number of times. Doll number 4 sings this song, has a hairbrush that helps in styling them and 3 AG13 / LR44 batteries.

5. Jojo Loves Hairdorables – D.R.E.A.M. Limited Edition Doll

Let’s change for a moment singing barbie dolls into a small doll with cartoon features that will appeal to younger girls in particular. The doll comes with a set of 10 mysterious accessories. Jojo Siwa is wearing a pink sequin costume here. The collection is supposedly limited, but it is rather a marketing stunt, which does not change the fact that the doll makes a positive impression.

6. JoJo Singing Doll (Bop)

Jojo Siwa has several songs, one of which may be liked more by the other less. It is worth to play detective and check which pen the child likes the most, maybe it will be “Bop”? Such a song is sung by this barbie doll dressed in a costume from a music video, having accessories such as a microphone and a hairbrush.

7. JoJo Siwa Doll 18-inch Blonde Hair with Accessories

18 inch dolls are the second most chosen dolls after barbie dolls. The doll presents a young Jojo in an elegant pink blouse and white dress. A set of clothes is complemented by purple shoes, a purple bow and a heart-shaped purse. The advantage of 18 “dolls is that most doll clothes of this size fits. Other accessories are hair clips, selfie stick and miniature iPhone. The doll was made with good accuracy, will be a great companion and friend on a daily basis, during trips and trips to grandmother.

8. JoJo Siwa Doll, 18-inch Soft Torso Doll with Blonde Hair

The most popular 18 inch Jojo Siwa doll is this model, almost identical to the previous one, but different in clothes and accessories. The accessories include a microphone, headphones and music notebook. The doll will be great as a birthday present for your daughter / granddaughter, the ability to customize clothes from other 18 inch dolls is undoubtedly an interesting possibility.

9. JoJo Siwa Doll – 10 inches

This barbie model has no accessories, despite this it is a well-made doll dressed in a colorful dress, shoes and a yellow bow in the hair. The doll can move its legs and arms.

10. JoJo Siwa- Vlogger JoJo Doll

As you may know, Jojo Siwa not only sings and dances, but is also a vlogger. This set presents yo-yo in an outfit in which he sometimes appears on vlogs, the doll does not sing for additions in the form of a selfi stick and camera, and a companion, well known to every girl, a BowBow dog.

11. JoJo Siwa Slumber Party Doll

The proposal exactly the same as the above, the difference lies in the outfit and accessories. In this case, Jojo is dressed in pajamas, has a mask for the eyes and a cup with popcorn, the perfect combination for watching fairy tales and sleep.

12. JoJo Siwa Outfit Pack

A doll is a wonderful gift, but a doll with additional clothes is what will make every girl happy. This set of additional clothes for 10 “dolls will make it possible for a child to change their new friend in many ways. The cost of the set of clothes is comparable to the cost of buying a doll.

13. JoJo Wheels

Even a doll sometimes needs to go somewhere, and certainly such a busy doll as Jojo Siwa. This white convertible decorated with colorful stripes will take the doll on an amazing trip around the room, garden or even further. Each rim is decorated with a different color: pink, green, yellow and purple. The car does not have a doll, this one should be bought separately. It fits all 10 inch dolls.

14. JoJo Styling Head

Quite an unusual proposition, because it is only a doll’s head, but it can be an interesting alternative. This is Jojo’s doll head, the fun is to brush and style blonde hair. The set includes a brush and a decorative element in the form of a bow. It is an item that can be used for 3 years, hence the youngest fans of Jojo can improve their motor skills from an early age.

15. Just Play JoJo Siwa Doll Figure 6 Inches

One of the cheapest dolls on the list. The 6 “tall doll presents Jojo in a dress and blue coconut. If a child loves Jojo Siwa, he will have no problem loving this doll.

16. JoJo Basic Doll- Neon Dance Party Doll

As the name implies, this is the barbie doll itself, wearing high blue shoes, a pink hen, an orange skirt and a green blouse. The manufacturer indicates that the doll is for children over 6 years old.

17. JoJo On Tour Playset

Concert tours are great fun, but also a lot of responsibilities. Help Jojo on her tour. The kit includes a 6 “doll, a star-shaped concert stage and a stylish wardrobe. By pressing the button on the stage you will hear the song” DREAM “. The other elements of the set are 2 outfits, a boombox and a stand with a microphone. The set is powered by 3 batteries included in the set.

18. Jojo Siwa Singing Doll

The collection of singing dolls can not miss the one that sings the song “Kid in a Candy Store” / The doll is a copy of those we described at the beginning, the difference is the song being sung and clothing.

19. JoJo Siwa 18 Inch Doll

Quite an unusual 18 “doll, it doesn’t look like a small child, and this is a typical Barbie model. The set includes a hairbrush and a bow. The doll is fully licensed and shows Jojo in one of his overalls.

20. JoJo Siwa 18″ JoJo Doll – Brown Mailer

It’s already the twentieth proposal, we are slowly approaching the end, but before that take a look at this tall 18 inch Jojo doll. Dressed in a stylish outfit, she will be a playmate for her granddaughter or daughter. His blond hair can be combed with the included brush.

21. JoJo Siwa Hold The Drama Doll

One of Jojo’s newer songs is “hold the drama” inspired by hate on the internet. This 10 “doll plays this song and is dressed in a dress worthy of what appeared in the music video for the song.

22. 9-Piece JoJo Siwa Doll Outfits Set

A set of doll clothes, the manufacturer does not specify their exact size, but probably it is about 18 “dolls, but the ones are slightly wider, not reminiscent of Barbie. This Set includes: (2) two pairs of shoes, (2) two t-shirts ( 1) one pair of shorts, (1) one skirt, flash pants, (1) one sparkly zip-up; and (1) one JoJo Siwa signature rainbow bow.

23. JoJo’s Closet Dreamy Fashion

Another set of clothes is designed for Barbie, it is a great complement to the main gift that should be a doll. The set consists of 3 costumes, one pair of shoes and 3 plastic bows.

24. JoJo Siwa Doll Candy Shop

Unfortunately, there are no typical doll houses in the style of Jojo Siwa, but apart from the aforementioned scene and wardrobe you can think about buying a candy store. The size of the product is so reasonable that both barbie dolls and 18 “dolls will look normal in it, although in the pictures the preferred size of the doll is 18”.

25. JoJo Mini Collectibles

Finally, we left a collection of small Jojo Siwa figurines. They depict the young artist in costumes referring to her biggest hits. The whole collection will look fantastic on the shelf, of course, the figures can be played in a similar way as ordinary toys, 5 Jojo in one place? That would be fun.


Dolls are not only important in great fun. We have presented many reasons why dolls are a great practical gift for children of all ages.

The selection of the available assortment is really large, and it is not difficult to find a Barbie Jojo Siwa doll that will appeal to your daughter / granddaughter. Remember to be guided by the criteria of age and quality, safety of fun above all. When you take care of them, the child will pay you back with a smile and many hours of fun, which he will sometimes invite you to, and sometimes give you a rest.

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