Jojo Siwa Cake Topper – Decoration

Birthdays are an important event for everyone. The older you are, the less likely you are to care for them, but this one day of the year is usually the most important person for a close family. During birthday meetings, you wish for health, money and what the birthday boy dreams of. Childhood is mentioned including one of the first birthday. As everyone knows, there is no birthday without a cake. The most beautiful cake is usually at a wedding party, but also as a child, the fancy tracks most often made by my mother often get.

After this short introduction we got to the topic of today’s post – Jojo Siwa Cake Topper – Decoration

1. 2 Pack Jojo Siwa Cupcake toppers Birthday Party Decoration for Kids

Jojo Siwa Cupcake toppers
We are the first to present a set of two Cake Toppers of similar sizes. On the first of them you can see Jojo Siwa giving a kiss. Under it is the inscription “Happy Brithday”. The second Cupckae topper is a rainbow, where a smiling Jojo is at one end and a big star with a bow at the other. This is an interesting addition to decorate the cake, especially since the price is small. The set is quite delicate and happens to be damaged, so make a purchase in advance if you want to implement Plan B.

2. Jojo Siwa Cake Topper

The second suggestion is a set from the same seller. It is made in a very similar way, however, it differs in graphics. The first practically entirely consists of a photo of Jojo dressed in a golden vest, while the second presents Jojo Siwa in a pink coverall against a rainbow background. In both cases there is a banner with the words “Happy Brithday” under the picture. It is an alternative to the first proposal, it makes no sense to buy both products at the same time.

3. JoJo Siwa Image Cake Topper

JoJo Siwa Image Cake Topper
Another suggestion is to decorate the cake with an edible photo. The dimensions of the graphic that presents Jojo in a pink suit and a rainbow in the background are 8 “x 10”. Above the graphics there is a separate inscription with a personalized inscription, personalization costs nothing. Allergen, Gluten free and Kosher certified. If you are looking for a simple and safe graphics for Jojo, then this is an interesting proposition.

4. Jo Jo Siwa JoJo Round Edible Party Cake Decoration Frosting Sheet Image

Party Cake Decoration
Ornament 7.5 inches – will fit any round cake 8 inches or larger. It depicts a young Jojo Siwa dressed in a pink dress, T-shirt and jeans vest. The decoration has a place for a happy birthday with the name of the child. The graphics are of good quality and will undoubtedly appeal to your child. Allergen, Gluten free and Kosher certified.

5. Set of 24 Hot pink glitter Bow cupcake toppers Food picks party supplies

Bow cupcake toppers
If you do not require the product to be certified with the Jojo Siwa mark, you will probably be interested in the 24 Hot pink glitter Bow cupcake toppers offer. Overlays are perfect for both refreshments and the main course, i.e. cake. It’s really hard to say that these toppers are not from the world of Jojo. Pink, glitter bows are very similar to those known from the Jojo universe.

6. Cake Topper with Jojo Siwa

Cake Topper with Jojo Siwa
Large graphics that completely cover really big toers. The dimensions 8 “x 10” are filled with a photo of Jojo and a pink background. It is a very nice, high-quality decoration and will work in every home. Remember to leave space for making a decorative frame, e.g. from icing.

Cake decorations are one of the simpler and more effective ways to organize an unforgettable birthday party for a child. The number of possibilities that modern parents have in this particular aspect is really huge and allows you to free your imagination. We hope that we have provided some interesting ideas to decorate the cake and make the birthday even more wonderful.

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