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Reading books is slowly disappearing. This is a nasty phenomenon, especially because it is entertainment that widens the imagination and vocabulary. Reading also increases knowledge about many things and is simply interesting. Reading books is important especially for young people. Thanks to this, they will learn the vocabulary and learn how to read. Another aspect is building a relationship with a child. An evening reading to sleep is very close to the parent / grandfather of a child. To this day, I have memories of books which at the beginning were read to me by my relatives and later which I myself read. I have been passionate about reading to this day, but the lack of time often means that I do not devote so much time to it as much as I would like. Today we will present various books, both typical for children and those with quizzes and games. Well, not to prolong the start.

1. Adventures of JoJo and BowBow: JoJo and BowBow Take the Stage

JoJo and BowBow book

The first book tells the story of Jojo Siwa and the parties organized by the neighbors. The girl wants to sing her biggest Boomerang hit during the meeting. In the meantime, he meets Grace, a boy who has many talents, who want to give an unforgettable show. However, the boss of the event does not like Grace for some reason. Jealousy enters the greens, and not accepting. Can Jojo handle it? Your child will know this by reading this book, alone or together with you. It is a light story about friendship and jealousy. It carries an important moral for the child. Knowing history will definitely give him a lot of joy.

2. JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life: #PeaceOutHaterz

JoJo's Guide to the Sweet Life
The second proposition is a nice and durable book with well-printed text. The main message of the book is to be yourself and do what you love. Jojo can be an inspiration for many young people. The book shows Jojo’s pursuit of success from an early age. The book is to show the child that one should never give up and work hard and his dreams will come true sooner or later.

3. Adventures of JoJo and BowBow: Candy Kisses

JoJo book

It is a book in the same series as the first product. The publisher suggests that the ideal age of the recipient is 6-9 years. This time, Jojo Siwa decided to organize a Valentine’s-themed sleepover with BowBow. She invited her friends, of course. Jojo has a new dance workshop and is preparing to open it, but as always happens, something goes wrong. The book is similar in thickness to the previous volume.

4. The Posh Puppy Pageant (JoJo and BowBow #3)

JoJo and BowBow tom 3

The third book from the Jojo and BowBow series is about fundraising at the junior high school organized by friend Jojo. The artist and her friends organize washing dogs and then organize a puppies competition. Unfortunately, this time someone tries to stand in their way. Will Jojo and his brave dog find a person who wants to spoil them? This question should be answered on the pages of the book.

5. Be You Activity Book (JoJo Siwa)

The fifth proposition is something for a bit older children. This is not a typical book, it contains many activities that require reading and writing. We will find here quizzes, looking for similarities and much more. The book contains 88 pages which guarantees fun for at least a few evenings.

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