Jojo Siwa Blanket

A warm blanket on lazy days and cool nights is the perfect and practical gift idea for a child. Probably some of us associate childhood with some blanket that our grandmother or parents wrapped around us. Personally, I didn’t have a blanket with my favorite characters, but it didn’t matter. Also, I did not have one blanket that would remind me of my childhood, or would be particularly noticeable in old photos.

However, I know that many people have had such a blanket, or have it today, despite the passage of many years. In today’s article we will present the most interesting proposals for children’s blankets with the motif of Jojo Siwa.

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1. JoJo Siwa Plush Pillow and 40″ Inch x 50″ Inch Throw Blanket

jojo siwa blanket

We start with a strong blow and a set consisting of a blanket and a unicorn pillow. It’s hard to say which element is an add-on here, but for the purposes of the entry, let’s say it’s a pillow. The shape resembles the head of a unicorn and has dimensions of 12 “x12”.

Its size makes it calmly suitable for comfortable head positioning and not only serves as a decoration for a children’s room. The second element is a soft and cozy blanket that will give your child warmth and comfort. The blanket has dimensions of 40 “x 50” and is filled with elements from the world of Jojo Siwa.

We will find on it all the symbols associated with Jojo. This set is ideal for traveling with a child. Of course, it will also do well at home, while watching TV, reading books or playing games. Easy care, machine washable polyester.

2. JoJo Siwa Plush Cupcake Pillow and 40″ Inch x 50″ Inch Throw Blanket

jojo blanket

The same manufacturer also proposes a second set consisting of a blanket and a pillow made of the same materials. The main differences are the colors, motifs on the blanket and the shape of the pillow. Here, the pillow resembles a cupcake.

Also, the formula chemist on the blanket consists of 3 different-colored cupcakes. The dominant color of the set is blue. Both the blanket and pillow are suitable for the whole season. The packaging and appearance make it the perfect idea for a practical gift.

3. JoJo Siwa Follow Your Dreams Weighted Blanket 5 lbs – Measures 40 x 60 inches

blanket with jojo siwa

The third suggestion is a blanket with dimensions of 40 x 60 inches and a weight of 5lbs. Apparently, it will appeal to every fan of Jojo Siwa, especially for girls who like pink. The blanket is very delicate and works great for children over 3 years old. It is easy to maintain cleanliness and freshness, and the colors do not fade.

Like the previous suggestions, the blanket will work in the living room, child’s room and car.

4. Jojo Siwa Purple Throw Blanket

Jojo Siwa Purple Throw Blanket
As the fourth we present a purple blanket with a large inscription Jojo Siwa placed in the heart. The look is modern and refers to popular stage visualizations. The product is made of 100% polyester, which makes it machine washable and provides the right temperature in winter and summer. The blanket is friendly to touch, and its large sizes perfectly cover the child’s body.

5. Unicorn Blanket

Unicorn Blanket
The last suggestion is something unrelated to Jojo, but still close to this topic. Due to its appearance, the proposal applies to slightly older children. The blanket is black, but decorated with many colorful elements. The main element is the graphics of a pony, similar to the one from the World of Jojo Siwa, but not the same. It is surrounded by snowflakes, Christmas tree branches and flowers. The subject quite strongly suggests that it is a gift for the winter. The blanket dimensions are 50 “x 60” and weight 1.28lb.

I think each of us likes products that are both practical, nice and give happiness to the recipient. The blankets presented have been checked by many people and seem to be an interesting gift option.

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