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Choosing the right backpack for your child may seem trivial. Just that he liked and was solid, then it will certainly be the perfect gift. However, not what for an adult may not matter much so in the case of children can be colossal. Today’s Jojo Siwa backpack list will be the longest on our blog so far, but before you go to look at specific proposals, we encourage you to read the introduction in which we will describe what to consider when choosing the right backpack.

How do you choose a good backpack for your child?

The body of a young person grows every year, and with the increase he is exposed to many negative factors that can affect his adult life. We recently described how to choose the best Jojo Siwa slippers for a child and why it is so important for the proper development of the whole body. A child at school spends several hours a day for many years of his life. Also, commuting from and to home take a lot of time, and during these trips a backpack rests on the child’s back and believe me, better it would be a good backpack.

Let’s assume that you decide to buy a backpack without much thought and choose the first one. This decision can lead to back pain, a hump and many other conditions that should be avoided.

Weight – A good backpack is one whose weight is not more than 10-15% of the child’s weight. That is why it is recommended to choose lightweight constructions, especially since in the backpack, apart from books and notebooks, often lunch, some additional work or exercise clothes. Lightweight backpacks are recommended mainly for children who go to school on foot, if the child commutes to school by bus or car, the load on his back will be much less.

Dimensions – Probably the first thing you check when buying a backpack is its capacity, after all it must contain all books. You must know that its external dimensions are definitely more important. The backpack should be chosen according to the child’s height. From the top, the backpack should reach shoulder height, while the bottom edge should be at the level of the pelvis. The width of the backpack cannot go beyond the shoulders. The backpack should be changed from time to time, depending on how quickly the child grows.

Functionality – The capacity of the backpack does not matter as much as its functionality. It must contain books in various popular formats and allow for even weight distribution.

Appearance – Even the best backpack will be worth nothing if your child doesn’t want to wear it. The choice of backpack manufacturers for schools is huge and it’s not difficult to find one that your child will like. If your daughter/granddaughter is a fan of Jojo Siwa, you will no doubt be glad to have a backpack that has the characteristic elements of the Jojo world.

Price – A good backpack does not have to cost a lot. As we mentioned, the backpack should be replaced as the child grows. That is why investing big money is pointless.

Reflective elements – Unfortunately, many manufacturers forget about this small, but important element for the safety of the child. Even if your daughter travels the same path every day, next to a traffic-free street, it is better to breathe cold. Most of Jojo Siwa’s backpacks do not have such elements, so it would be good to buy reflective bracelets or something similar to increase the child’s safety.

Durable materials – Children have a lot of energy and are inattentive. Backpacks are often thrown in different places, which can easily damage. Personally, it happened that I was pulling the backpack on the ground, struggling with other children or throwing it anywhere. There is a good chance that your child will do at least one of these activities, so it’s worth buying a backpack that will withstand everyday struggles.

Waterproofing – The backpack is intended not only to move books from one place to another, but also to prevent them from getting hurt. A good backpack should not have problems on rainy days. Materials should ensure that what is inside the backpack does not get wet.

Stiffening – The last of the features of a good backpack is a rigid wall that will stick to your back. It is not about a 100% rigid frame, but about any stiffening, thicker foam or thick cardboard.

As you can see, choosing a backpack is not a simple matter. You might be thinking about buying a school backpack with wheels, but this idea is skeptical of doctors. Despite the inconvenience of carrying backpacks, it is more natural for the body. This brief introduction should allow you to have a better look at the listings. Let’s get to the specific suggestions, because that’s why you’re here.

Jojo Siwa School Backpack

The choice of backpacks for Jojo Siwa school is large. You can find both the backpacks and the whole sets. It so happens that we already have several entries on the blog about add-ons that can be useful in every child’s backpack, we recommend checking:

Jojo Siwa Water Bottle
Jojo Siwa Lunch Box

1. Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa Backpack Lunchbag Set

Jojo Siwa Backpack

We start with a school set in the style of Jojo Siwa. A backpack Box with dimensions 8 “H x 10” W x 2.5 “D is attached to the backpack. These are really large dimensions that guarantee that the packaging will accommodate sandwiches and 0.5l of drinking. The lunch box can be attached to the backpack, but nothing stoin obstacle to disconnect it, unfortunately the container is not insulated.

Both the backpack and the lunch box are made of polyester, unfortunately there is no information about water resistance, but this is a characteristic feature of this material, so assume that the backpack is resistant to rain. The dimensions of this school backpack are 16 “H x 12” W x 5 “D and consists of one main compartment and two small side bottles. The straps are padded and adjustable which should ensure comfort for the child.

Appearance is undoubtedly the strength of this proposal. Although the graphics on the backpack and the lunch box are similar, only Jojo has a different outfit, but they are of good quality, the colors are vivid and there are elements such as bows or a unicorn’s head.

2. Jojo Siwa Licensed Backpack and Lunch Set

Jojo Siwa Licensed Backpack

If you are looking for a set of things needed for a child at school, this set seems to be perfect. It consists of 4 elements in which the main, of course, is a school backpack, the other is a water bottle, a container for snacks and lunch and an aesthetic attachment attachable squish ball or faux fur pom-pom.

For the production of polyester and PVC used to increase strength. The lightweight backpack features a front zip pocket, 2 side mesh pockets, a padded back, top handle, and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort. This model has a Jojo Siwa bow located in the upper right side. Both on the breakfast box and on the backpack there are rainbow graphics with the logo of Jojo Siwa and the image of the artist.

3. Jojo Siwa Sequin Mini Purple Backpack 11 Inches

Mini Purple Backpack

This time it is a 11 Inches x 8.5 Inches backpack with no additions. The small number of photos and the poor description do not allow too many facts to be stated. It is certain that the violet-colored backpack has been trimmed with lots of colorful sequins. In addition, like the previous one, it also has a 3D bow. In addition, there are many inserts with Jojo Siwa motifs on it, but popular emoji has also appeared.

4. Jojo Siwa Backpack with Insulated Lunchbox

Jojo Siwa Backpack

This school backpack with a lunch box is practically a copy of the first proposal. The only difference is the graphics, which in this case depicts Jojo Siwe in stage clothes against the background of a black heart made of crystals. The photos are of good quality and the backpack itself is of course fully licensed. Backpack dimensions: 16 “H x 12” W x 5 “D. Lunch Box is 8” H x 10 “W x 2.5” D.

5. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Sequin Back to School Essentials Set for Girls

School backpack

What catches the eye of the fifth proposal is the price, which is attractive for what you get in the set. For $ 15, the seller offers a 16 “x 12” x 4.5 “Jojo Siwa sequin backpack, water bottle with pop-tp closure and PVC-free insulated lunch bag, zip case and Carabiner Key Holder.

There is no photo of Jojo on any of the elements, the whole is decorated with a cartoon image of a young star. She is accompanied by a Bow-Bow dog and other elements such as bows or cupcakes. Bringing photos after the backpack does not have a rigid back part which as we already know is not the best solution. In fact, at such a price for so many elements, we also have doubts about the strength of the materials from which it was created. In case of doubt, you can follow the numerous reviews or ask the seller.

6. JoJo Backpack

JoJo Backpack

Backpack designed for girls who like to feel like stars. The golden color will attract the attention of all children around. About this backpack you can say that it is “youthful” probably more like the slightly older girls. On the front compartment there is a large inscription “Dance Dream Believe”. The most important element is a photo of a smiling Jojo dressed in a golden jacket. Both the front pocket and main compartment are zippered. The backpack has standard two side mesh pockets. The back and straps are padded with material for better feel. The sizes of this school backpack are 12x5x16.

7. JoJo Siwa 15″ School Backpack

As the seventh position we present made of an easy to clean and very durable polyester cordura fabric. The 15 “H x 11” W x 5 “D backpack is fully licensed and shows Jojo Siwa
on the background of the heart. The inscription “Bling it out” is also clearly visible. The braces are adjustable and padded with a delicate material. The backpack consists of one large compartment that will fit books and notebooks. Unfortunately, this item has not been equipped with side pockets, it may be due to the very competitive price.

8. Nickelodeon Girl Jojo Siwa 15″ Backpack

Another suggestion is very similar to the previous one. Jst is a backpack with exactly the same dimensions, capacity and distribution of pockets. The only difference is the graphics, which depicts Jojo Siwa against the background of the star.

9. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Full Size Backpack With Accessories

At the position marked with number 9 there is a very nice backpack for girls of different ages. The graphics are in a cartoon style that should appeal to younger Jojo fans more. The backpack is single-chamber, but has a large front pocket and two mesh nets, making it ideal for school. What the child will like is 4 velcro patches that adhere to the front.

10. Jojo Siwa Backpack Lunch Box Back to School Bundle

Jojo Siwa Backpack

The first ten is closed by a set consisting of a backpack and a lunch container. Bright colors give it a girlish character, and the numerous elements associated with Jojo say that it cannot be mistaken for anything else. The lunch container features a cartoon Bow-Bow with a colorful bow. The backpack has a standard construction and does not stand out in this respect from the competition.

11. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Backpack with removable Rainbow Bow

JoJo Siwa school

Standard backpack with dimensions 16 “x 12” x 5 “with one main compartment and front pocket. The bonus is a bow that can be easily detached and the child can wear it on the head. The backpack is a combination of pink with jeans color. The most noticeable inscription is” Jojo Siwa “and” Dance like you mean it “, pink sneakers are also clearly visible. The backpack is quite large and we recommend it to older girls.

12. JoJo Siwa 16 inches Large Backpack

large Backpack

Polyester is a popular material in the production of many items, so it’s no wonder that most of the presented backpacks are made of it. It is no different with this charming pink backpack with high-quality graphics with the image of Jojo Siwa and the slogan “Be You”. The backpack has a double main zippered compartment and two front pockets, and as if that was not enough on the side there are two mesh pockets.

13. JoJo Siwa 15″ School Backpack

JoJo Siwa 15

Since we have already touched on the subject of polyester, it should be added that it is easy to wash so that the backpack should be easy to wash in the washing machine. Like many of the school backpacks shown, this one has one main compartment, unfortunately there are no other additional pockets which can be quite bothersome. Dimensions: 15 “H x 11” W x 5 “D.

14. Jojo Siwa Backpack + 3D Lunch Box Back to School Bundle

One of the more expensive proposals, the manufacturer justifies the price of the product with quality workmanship. This backpack is to be made of high quality materials that retain their properties and do not relax after a short use. The seams are well laid out and solid, the zippers do not jam and there is no fear that the shoulder straps will tear. The dimensions of this backpack are 16 “H x 13” W x 4 “D, it also comes with a 8” H x 10 “W x 2.5” D lunch box.

Both elements of the set have been color-coordinated, thanks to which they work well together. On both is Jojo Siwa in a denim blouse, with his dog Bow-Bow. The graphics were of high quality. It should also be mentioned that the backpack has a front pocket outside the main compartment.

15. Nickelodeon JoJo Siwa Pink 16″ Backpack School Essentials Set for Girls

School Essentials Set for Girls

If you want to equip your child to school in 100% and you care about time, then this suggestion may be perfect. The set consists of a backpack, water bottle, shoe bags, lunch bags and pencil case and everything is kept in the style of Jojo Siwa. All products except the bottle have the same pattern, matched to the size of the item on which they are located. The bottle is purple and has a pop top closure known from the previously discussed sets. Backpack sizes are 16 “x 12” x 4.5 “while lunch box 9” x 7 “x 4.5”. One main compartment is a bit small so the manufacturer also placed a large pocket at the front for 3/4 the height of the entire backpack.

16. Jojo Siwa 16″ Backpack 5pc Set with Lunch Kit, Bottle, Pencil Case & Carabiner

Backpack 5pc Set

Another large set in which the main role is played by a 16 “H x 12” W x 5 “D backpack. Similarly to 15 items, here we have two pockets, one of which is slightly smaller and, of course, less deep than the other. The backpack has Jojo image and many colorful elements.The main accessory is a snack bag with similar colors to the school backpack, besides we have a water bottle, utility case and carabiner.

Before proceeding to the next proposal, we encourage you to visit our separate entry dedicated to Jojo Siwa Bag in which we present the most interesting proposals for birthday bags, gift bags and gymnastic outfit.

17. Nickelodeon Jojo Siwa Girl’s 10″ Backpack

Girl's 10

After all, something for smaller girls, a backpack made of polyester 10 “H x 8” W x 4 “D will give a lot of joy to girls who like Jojo. The graphics are very cute and shows jojo making a hand symbol of the heart, and is also in the heart , pink coloring Certainly, the advantage of this backpack is its disadvantage, but we also see disadvantages, such as the lack of a stiff back and shoulder straps that can catch a child.

18. Personalized Licensed Backpack – 16 Inch

Personalized Licensed Backpack

The manufacturer of this school backpack came up with a great idea for personalizing the product. By sending the name of the child to the seller, it is placed on top of the backpack, which makes the child even more attached to him. This is a traditional design consisting of one main compartment and a front pocket of slightly smaller dimensions. Importantly, side nets have not been forgotten so you can move the drinking bottle freely.

19. JoJo Siwa 5-Piece Backpack Set

Backpack Set

Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes have to guess what a given listing contains because they don’t give any description, that’s the case here. Without a doubt, this is a set that includes: a backpack, pencil case, shoe bag, lunch box and probably a pink bow. The graphics placed on the backpack and the food box are known to us from proposal no. 2 on which were exactly the same photos. Here, instead of a bottle, a pencil case, bow and sack have been added, it is up to you to choose which set to choose.

20. JoJo Siwa 16″ Deluxe Backpack

Deluxe Backpack

Before we met we finished the second ten, it goes quickly. On site 20 is a combination of black elegance and pink girlish style. What we like about this backpack is that it seems to be well made, which is supposed to provide 600-denier polyester. The main compartment closes with an owl, as do the two smaller front pockets. Our favorite side mesh pockets were also included. The back and adjustable straps are padded to increase wearing comfort.

21. Cargo Backpack Plus Plush Keychain

Jojo Siwa Cargo Backpack

The set of front pockets is identical to the previous model. When deciding to buy this backpack, we also get 1 Plush Keychain which should be perceived as a medium useful gadget rather than the actual value. The quality of photos on most presented backpacks is identical, as is the case here.

22. Jojo Siwa Mini Sequin Party Backpack

Mini Sequin Party Backpack

Basically, most of these models are backpacks for school, but you are different. If your child needs a small backpack for trips, you may be interested in a 10 “x 4” black sequin backpack. This is an offer for mothers whose children already have a school backpack, but they could use one more extra with smaller dimensions.

23. Backpack with JoJo Bow Hair

Backpack with JoJo

This Jojo Siwa brocade backpack has a hair bow. It consists of a large zippered compartment that will fit all books and notebooks, side mesh pockets and single front pocket. The backpack is very colorful, but the colors are subdued so it doesn’t catch the eye, although it undoubtedly draws attention.

24. Jojo Siwa Backpack Combo Set

This time the set consists of a foldable water bottle, a 10 “H X 8” W X 3 “D backpack and a carabiner. The main one-part compartment has two side pockets and one large one in the front.

As you can see, producers do not waste time launching many school backpacks or even whole sets branded Jojo Siwa. A lot of models differ only in graphics, but the list includes both backpacks for a few and almost 50 dollars. If you liked the list above, please read our other entries. We wish you good luck at school!

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