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Often, parents or grandparents face the choice of the first child’s bike. Each of us used to learn to ride a bike. For adults the most important is safety while children often have an appearance. In today’s ranking there is not one bicycle signed with the Jojo Siwa brand, but it is worth to be interested in them, because they are very girlish and will definitely be loved by their daughters / granddaughters.

Bike for girls what to look for?

When choosing a safe bicycle for girls aged 4 – 10, one of the basic factors is the weight of the bicycle. During a fall, it should not be a burden unbearable by a child. In addition, the low weight makes possible injuries will be significantly smaller.

The next element is the building of the chain like something trivial, but worth emphasizing. A protruding chain is always an additional danger in the event of an accident, so if you can buy a bicycle with a casing it is worth using this option.

It should be important for both the child and the parent how many inches the wheels have. The lower center of gravity will make learning easier.

It is also worth checking the durability of the side wheels before purchase. Unfortunately, the case when one of them can not stand it is not unusual. This can lead to a fall resulting in bruising and scratches.


Our first offer is a bike with non-slip pedals, solid brakes, side pins and a look that is perfect for every Jojo Siwa fan. Equipped with a basket and bows, each girl will love him. The number of nearly 300 evaluations clearly indicates that you should consider buying, because it is worth it. The offered product is offered with wheels of various sizes. This is one of the factors that affect the price. Children are growing at different speeds, however, the difference between 12 and 14-inch wheels is so small that both should fit for most of the few years.

girl bike

The second proposition bikes with a very similar construction with black tires. It is dominated by blue and pink. Similarly to the previous model, the set includes a basket. The bike has many positive opinions for example:

Assembly was minimal and well explained! Front basket was a little flimsy but an accessory that was highly desired by my girl! She hit the streets like a pro, despite the ice and snow. This mom is looking forward to summer bike rides as a family this year!

bike for girls

It is ideal for children aged 3-4. It provides a safe start to the adventure of cycling.

The last of the cycling proposals is a purple pink road tamer. The set comes with a wicker basket decorated with flowers. The leitmotif is Titan Gril. The bike is very similar to the ones discussed earlier. It is also characterized by a very large number of positive ratings.


Jojo Siwa bicycle helmet

We would not be ourselves without giving anything to Jojo Siwa. Maybe it is not a bike, but an obligatory element for the safety of every child. The Jojo Siwa bicycle helmet will make even a bicycle without the motif of a young artist not an obstacle for a child. A characteristic rainbow and elements related to the world of Jojo. At the top, a colorful bow is attached. Fully safe for children aged 5-8.

The number of bikes is really big and it’s not hard to find something interesting. We presented interesting proposals, but we encourage you to read the full offer.

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